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Gas Conditioning & Processing: G-4

Gas Conditioning & Processing: G-4 Training Course The Campbell Gas Course has been the standard of the industry for more than 47 years. Over 36,600 engineers have attended our G-4 program, considered by many to be the most practical and comprehensive course in the oil and gas industry. The C ...

Weston Shepherd

Houston   TX   US 05 Aug 2019

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PetroSync - Root Cause Analysis

PetroSync with Mr. Akhtar Quddus organizing a 4 days training course on Root Cause Analysis. Most organizations have accident investigation procedures. However, these procedures are often based on a blame culture & do not inspire the investigator to nd & correct the defects in the manage ...

PetroSync Global Pte Ltd - PetroSync

    30 Sep 2019

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Sizing of components - pumps, fans, pipework, control valves, relief valves, compressors, air receivers

This course is aimed at mechanical / piping / process engineers tasked with design of the piping systems. The course covers basic procedures for sizing of key components of a piping system. This will arm engineers with techniques needed for correct selection of equipment and help design safe and ef ...

Info AZeng - AZ Eng Ltd

    03 Dec 2018

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