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Is Europe ready for Mariner East?

As the Mariner East expansion stumbles toward completion, it is timely to examine how ready Europe is to absorb more U.S. propane.  The Mariner East expansion will enable the U.S. to triple seaborne exports of LPG from Marcus Hook to 115,000 b/d. The ability to export more product from the U.S. East ...

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ESAI Energy Update – Asia’s Growing Pull on U.S. Butane

The U.S. now exports more than 50,000 b/d of butane to Asia. Those deliveries are overshadowed by propane. The flow of that product to Asia has gone from less than 50,000 b/d five years ago to half a million b/d. As Asia's LPG market grows, ESAI Energy expects Asia's pull on U.S. butane, and impact ...

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IMO 2020: Market Implications of Changing Bunker Specs

Six-part comprehensive analysis of market implications of changng bunker specs including: Part I: Compliance and Bunker Market Size-  ESAI Energy will break down the size of the bunker market by geographic region, discuss compliance in reach region, explain enforcement mechanisms, and ...

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Asia Petchems Provide Outlet for U.S. LPG

As U.S. and global LPG supply has returned to growth, so has Asia's appetite for propane and butane as a petrochemical feedstock. Less than six months ago, propane traded to a premium to naphtha in North Asia, making LPG unattractive to the region's petchems. Since February, however, propane is pric ...

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ESAI Energy: Crude Oil Quality Threatens US Shale

In its May Global Crude Oil Outlook ESAI Energy points out that the growth in medium and heavy refiner demand was already pushing the OPEC+ deal towards an end by 2019. The U.S. request for more crude oil and Saudi Arabia and Russia's apparent willingness to respond provides additional rationa ...

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LPG Demand Grows in Waves

The global LPG market will grow by 325,000 b/d each of the next two years, as big gains in NGL supply are matched by an expansion in petchem capacity, according to ESAI Energy's newly published Global NGL Two-Year Outlook . Last year, scarce supplies led to a contraction of petchem demand, slowing ...

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Petchem LPG Demand Bounces Back

Global petchem use of LPG will expand by 140,000 b/d this year, according to ESAI Energy's newly published Global NGL Outlook . Last year, scarcity and high prices caused petchem demand to contract by 50,000 b/d and encouraged steam crackers to up their naphtha intake. This year, ESAI energy has be ...

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China to Tap Stranded Russian NGLs

China is on the verge of completing a LPG terminal enabling Russia to deliver up to 100,000 b/d of LPG to China, according to ESAI Energy's newly published Global NGLs Outlook. The terminal is the first of several projects paving the way for the extraction of stranded NGLs in East Siberia and delive ...

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Chinese Government Stockpiling to Slow as Commercial Stocks are High

The last three projects of China's second phase of strategic petroleum reserve development will potentially add 90,000 b/d to government stocking in 2018 and 2019. Combined with an addtional 20,000 b/d of leased commercial storage for the SPR, it will bring strategic stocking to 110,000 b/d, accordi ...

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U.S. Exports of Gasoline and Diesel to Latin America Will Remain Stable in 2018

In its recently published One-Year Global Fuels Outlook , ESAI Energy points out that U.S. exports of gasoline and diesel to Latin America will remain stable in 2018, near historic highs achieved in 2017 of over 1.6 million b/d combined. Over the last two years, U.S. producers have sent increasing ...

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Saudi Diesel Exports Stop Growing for Now

Diesel and jet fuel exports from the Middle East will stop growing in 2018, according to ESAI Energy's recently published Middle East Watch Products . Saudi Arabia, the biggest distillate exporter in the region, will export a similar amount as it did last year, marking a departure from four conse ...

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Stars Align for NGL-Fed Petchems

Naphtha and LPG pricing is starting to resemble the market investors in NGL-fed olefins capacity were counting on. According to ESAI Energy's newly published Global NGL Outlook , an outlook on global NGL markets in 2018, conditions are emerging for global demand for ethane, propane and butane to in ...

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Bakken Gas Threatens Crude Production

The output of associated gas in two counties within the Bakken core has already exceeded local processing capacity, and will impact production growth, according to ESAI Energy's December North America Watch. Associated natural gas output is rapidly increasing from the core counties in the Bakken. ...

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LPG Market to Rebalance

The end is in sight for the run on global LPG stocks, according to ESAI Energy's recently published Global LPG One-Year Outlook . In 2018, the geographically widespread growth of LPG production from fractionation will gradually begin to pull the market out of deficit. Year-on-year declines in globa ...

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Russia's Mixed Feelings on Extending Production Deal

For Mr. Putin, the deal with OPEC has lifted oil prices, liquidated a global oil glut, and paid dividends in the form of improved relations with Saudi Arabia, boosting Russia's real and perceived influence in the Middle East. At this juncture, however, the benefits for Russia and thus Mr. Putin ...

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