OGEL 3 (2017) - Energy Law and Policy in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

Guest editors Prof. A.F.M. Maniruzzaman School of Law, University of Portsmouth and Yanal Abul-Failat LXL LLP focused their OGEL 3 (2017) - Energy Law and Policy in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Special Issue on the region which has been the leading global energy supplier for decades. But the geopolitics of energy is gradually shifting its course and the region's traditional energy power base is being constantly challenged.

Table of Contents - Volume 15, issue #03, published July 2017

The Energy and Environment Dilemma: Sustainably Developing Iraqi Oil and Gas in International Law and Policy - Prospects and Challenges
by A.F.M. Maniruzzaman, K. Al-Saleem

Iraq's Service Contracts: Issues that IOCs may face when a Joint Operating Company (JOC) is Formed and They Takeover the Conduct of Petroleum Operations Under the Iraqi Development and Production Service Contract (DPSC)
by Y. Murotatsu

Production Sharing Contracts in Iran's Petroleum Industry; A Legal Analysis
by D. Manzoor, R. Kohan Hoosh Nejad, M. Amani

Developments of Iranian Upstream Contracts under the Recently Approved Regulatory Regime
by M. Asgharian

A Comparative Analysis of Contractual Considerations in Oil and Gas Contracts with an Emphasis on Iranian Petroleum Contracts
by S.N. Ebrahimi, E. Shahmoradi

Ownership of Petroleum Resources in Islam (Twelver Shia) and The Iranian law
by E. Ghorbani

Shale Oil Regulation in Jordan
by Y. Abul-Failat

Turkish Energy Mix Targets: Special Focus on Solar Energy
by S.F. Massari

Renewable Energy Policy in Lebanon: Practical Aperture
by M. Takieddine, G. Fattal, N. Kilzi

Renewable Energy Policy in Saudi Arabia
by M.N. Alshalfan

The Israeli Gas Framework in Regional Context: Stabilisation Clauses in Natural Gas Contracts Around the Levant Basin
by S.M. Goldberg

Oman at a Crossroad: Oil Crisis Management, Public Debate and the Role of the Civil Society
by I. Ureta

Reflections on a Blueprint for the Restoration of the Libyan Petroleum Industry and its Institutional Reform
by W.A. Otman

A Look at the Libyan-American Dispute Resolution Experience
by M. Al Kilani, E. El Kailani

Oil and Gas Arbitration in the MENA Region
by F. Lavaud, C. Gugler, M. Ubbens

The Energy Sector in the MENA: The Fight Against High Corruption Risks
by C.A.S. Nasarre

Emerging Framework of Energy Governance in the MENA Region
by S. Elfving

The Prospective Roles of the 2015 International Energy Charter to the MENA Region with Influence in its Energy Laws and Policies
by C.N. Nwedu, Esq.

International Energy Charter 2015 and its Relevance and Possible Influence in Respect of Energy Law and Policy in the East African Region
by T. Njoroge Daniel

The Risk in Bank Charges Mechanism of Iranian Petroleum Buyback Contract: Regarding Islamic Approach toward Financing
by M. Maddahinasab, N. Rahimi

Commentary on the paper "The Risk in Bank Charges Mechanism of Iranian Petroleum Buyback Contract ..."
by M. Bunter

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