Announcing P2 Field Operator 1.0: Mobile Field Data Capture Solution Enhances Collaboration Between Field and Back Office

With this new solution, time spent on field data capture and reporting activities can be reduced by 40% or more


HOUSTON – 18th July, 2017 – P2 Energy Solutions today announced the release of P2 Field Operator 1.0, a next-generation solution that combines P2's industry-leading field data capture and operations management software with mobile capabilities to simplify field operators' daily challenges of managing large portfolios of wells and equipment, and remote operations.


“P2 Field Operator was created by the same team that developed P2 eVIN, which is used by more than 20,000 field operators across the U.S.,” said Chris Lenig, P2's Senior Vice President of Production. “It's built on the same foundation as the industry-leading P2 Merrick production solution for hydrocarbon accounting and reporting.”


More than just a field data capture application on a tablet or phone, P2 Field Operator enables quick data validation, image capture, and seamless collaboration between the field and back office. By connecting all the key stakeholders across the field and back office, P2 Field Operator allows operators to reduce deferments and improve operational efficiencies by identifying and reporting production problems faster. In fact, studies show that with P2 Field Operator, time spent on field data capture and reporting activities can be reduced by 40% or more.


When combined with P2's Operational Intelligence capabilities, P2 Field Operator makes pumping by exception possible by giving operators the insights needed to prioritize tasks and routes. For example, if two wells are down at the same time, pumpers can quickly decide which one to attend to first based on surveillance rules that monitor the collected data and initiate alerts. Operators can then deviate from the prescribed route if need be and focus on the wells that need more urgent attention.


“P2 Field Operator represents a step change in the efficiency of how field operations are conducted,” said P2 CEO J. Scott Lockhart. “The technology behind this solution is tested, it's proven and we're incredibly excited about what it can do for production teams everywhere – onshore and offshore, in unconventional plays as well as conventional ones.”


About P2

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