New technology promises to replace hydrofracking and extract oil 2-12x faster

Posted by Howard Rokofsky - TCTM Oil


TCTM Oil of Prague, consisting of Czech and Slovak geologists and Russian petrochemical engineers, has patented Environmental ThermoChemical Treatment (ETCT). The technology promises results of at least double, and as much as 12x faster daily oil production, on practically any oil field, under any conditions. It costs a fraction of any other known EOR method, and is extraordinarily environment friendly. We expect ETCT to replace hydrofracking and SAGD, saving millions of dollars and millions of tons of water.

The patents have been registered in the Czech Republic and are in preparation for other countries. Two more patents are under development, concentrating on shale oil and gas.

The two largest demonstration wells, which had already been closed down for years, resulted in 8800 BBL incrementally-extra oil recovered in the first 90 days, as compared to previous production values. A year later, it was still producing at higher than original levels.

ETCT involves heating the formation to 300-500°C (600-900°F). This lowers viscosity by many degrees, often permanently. This heat cleans the reservoir of paraffins and asphaltenes, extending the well's productive lifetime. ETCT requires only a few m³ of water, does not pollute the ground, and the compound traces released into the earth/air are harmless (see The effect lasts for up to two years, and can be repeated at will.

Currently, a modular, fully automated system is under development. This push button operation ensures ease-of-use, complete safety, and mobility. This system will be available in Autumn 2017.

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