Plant Support and Facility Equipment

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15 Sep 2017

Private Treaty Sale

Plant Support and Facility Equipment

- Thomassen Reciprocating Hydrogen Compressor
- GHH BORSIG Refrigerant Compressor
- Elliott Co. Wet Gas Compressor & Turbine
- Toshiba THS01 Potable Water Booster Pumps (2008)
- Crude Injuction Pump (2005)
- Steam Turbine Driven Pumps
- Toshiba TIK Eletric Motor Driven Pump
- Al Brass Heat Exchanger Tubing

Additional Unused Energy Equipment and Industrial Compressors available in Australia – Including: Muovo Pignone Power Recovery Turbine, Gasco Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Taurus Solar Turbines, Frick Screw Compressors and Enerflex EFXS 45kVa Generators.

Location: Kurnell, NSW Australia

Robin Rennex
Tel: +61 (4) 17 77 10 87

Tel: +61 (3) 851 84354

To view sale and place bid, visit:

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15 Sep 2017

Hydrogen CompressorRefrigerant CompressorWet Gas Compressor & TurbineWater Booster PumpsInjuction PumpSteam Turbine Driven PumpsEletric Motor Driven PumpHeat Exchanger Tubing