TouchstoneEnergy on location in West Africa analysing and documenting requirements for a Spend Control System

This is how Oil and Gas Companies are extracting savings from their Purchase Authorisation and Accounts Payable processes

Following on from our recent feature: Spotlight on Reducing Spend in the Energy Industry, TouchstoneEnergy staff were exchanging anecdotes about other favourite experiences when implementing Spend Control systems. Here is one of these experiences (names, locations and just about everything else changed – but the story is a true one).

Spending 5 days on location in West Africa analysing and documenting requirements for a Spend Control system. The current process is entirely manual, the AP Team spend extraordinary amounts of time fending off unhappy vendors who have not been paid and Finance have no visibility of commitments. Sound familiar?

Read the full story from Sarah Davis is Service Delivery Manager of TouchstoneEnergy

Sarah Davis is Service Delivery Manager of TouchstoneEnergy and responsible for bringing together specialist and highly skilled consultancy services team and project managers.

This has enabled TouchstoneEnergy to become recognised as experts in their field with the industry-specific knowledge that is required to credibly liaise with energy sector clients. In addition to INFOR SunSystems and PROACTIS solutions, Sarah has worked on the design and implementation of TouchstoneEnergy's Business Process Management solution – EnergyFlow.

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