Aquarius Horizontal Pumps Power Jet Lift

Jet lift systems provide a unique artificial lift solution to overcome some of operators' most pressing production challenges: restrictive casing sizes, deviated wellbores, abrasive solids, high gas-oil ratios, and corrosive fluids. When coupled with durable, low-maintenance pumping equipment at the surface, producers can maximize their cost-saving potential with jet lift and achieve streamlined well performance.

At the surface, jet pumping systems require efficient, durable pumps to create a pressure differential downhole and drive fluid recovery in applications ranging from gas well de-watering, frac fluid recovery, deviated wellbores, and high solids production.

When one jet pumping application called for a surface pump to inject 3,800 bbl/d of fluid at 3,500 psi, Valiant designed a system consisting of a VE5500, 160-stage pump, Ni-resist stages for excellent corrosion-handling, reinforced high-pressure pump connections for safety assurance, a 500-hp motor, and pressure and vibration transmitters for real-time performance monitoring.

Valiant's portfolio of Aquarius Horizontal Pumping Solutions provides comprehensive injection pressures and flow rates to support dynamic production requirements without sacrificing system reliability, making this technology an ideal solution for supplying power fluid to jet pumps.

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