The Short-term Supply Of 316L Stainless Steel Seamless Pipes In The Chinese Market Will Maintain A Slight Downward Trend

This week, the domestic TP316L stainless steel seamless pipe prices showed an overall upward trend, and the raw material end declined

Affected by heavy rains in many southern provinces this week, river water levels have skyrocketed, and supply of 316L stainless steel seamless pipes have rebounded, that's no a good news for stainless steel pipe fittings supplier. The increase in stocks has limited the price of TP316L stainless steel seamless pipes in the short term. Short-term inventory is difficult to quickly consume due to the impact of heavy rains.

stainless steel seamless pipes

The market trend of supply of 316l stainless steel seamless pipes depends on the description of each variety:

Futures: On the whole, there are signs of a high-level correction in the short-term futures, but it is a normal technical adjustment after the previous rise. It is expected that the goods in the next cycle may weaken first and then strong, and the operation will mainly focus on the appropriate increase of bargaining after wait and see.

This week, the market for TP316L stainless steel seamless pipes rose within a narrow range, and the overall transaction volume remained flat. Raw materials rose slightly, supported by strong support. The mainstream market prices of straight seam pipes rose slightly. Among them, the national welded pipes rose slightly from last week; the galvanized pipes rose from last week. The north was hot and rainy, and terminal demand was insufficient. The raw materials rose last week. The weekly gains have slowed down, the downstream fear of heights is rising, the trading atmosphere of the stainless steel seamless pipe market is sluggish, and the market is in a situation where there is no market for prices.

The market price of seamless pipes has risen steadily, and the price of billet has risen broadly this week. The actual demand for TP316L stainless steel seamless pipe market is sluggish. However, as the raw material side continues to rise, prices in individual cities have risen broadly, and downstream users have not hoarded Cargo situation.

Taking into account that despite the support of raw material prices, individual regions began to gradually improve in mid-July. However, the overall transaction in the pipe market is still flat and the merchants are not willing to operate, and there will be no major adjustments. Therefore, it is expected that the TP316L stainless steel seamless pipe market may be Will stabilize and consolidate and adjust slightly.

Steel plant maintenance and production capacity development: Since mid-July, domestic steel companies including Shagang, Maanshan Iron and Steel, Baowu and other large and super large steel companies have a significant increase compared with June, but in terms of scale and duration In view of the fact that large-scale blast furnaces of 2000-3000 cubic meters or more have stopped production, it is relatively rare, and the duration of production line maintenance is generally maintained within 10 days, which has little effect on the overall supply.

However, the Tangshan area still maintains strict production restrictions due to environmental protection, but the scope of production restrictions is not large, and the impact is not too great.

Therefore, the short-term domestic supply of TP316L stainless steel seamless pipes will maintain a slight downward trend, but it is difficult to enlarge the range, and the output will still be at a historical high point, which will be unfavorable to the later price increase of TP316L stainless steel seamless pipes.


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