PIDX International Launches Emissions Transparency Data Exchange (ETDX) Initiative

Houston, TX – July 16, 2020 – PIDX International, with the support of its Board of Directors, announced its new initiative for Emissions Transparency Data Exchange (ETDX).

Through the establishment of its ETDX Project Team, PIDX is developing the energy transition standards for data exchange regarding carbon emissions and other energy transition-type needs that are designed to be harmonized across industry participants.

Potential benefits of this initiative include clarity on energy standards by region and regulatory bodies as well as transparency of reporting, and alignment between operators, suppliers, and network providers. The initiative addresses the data needed to meet requirements, technical integrations (i.e. APIs.) for reuse and sustainability, and potential savings in resources.

“Advancing the petroleum industry's ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is best accomplished through partnership among industry members,” says Franz Helin, Chevron, Senior Product Manager. “An early step in that partnership is providing transparency of emission data, which is the goal of this initiative.”

The ETDX initiative will take place in two phases: (1) harmonization of a specific energy transition-type need (data) across industry participants, and (2) development of a prototype for the collection and normalization of the data.

The project team will perform a collaborative study among the major players in energy transition, looking at industry best practices. Data models, definitions for carbon footprint, as well as recommendations for pilots and proof of concepts (POCs) will be explored.

As part of the collaborative study, PIDX is researching other organizations that are working on carbon tracking standards as it relates to specific areas of the Energy Industry. PIDX standards will cover Upstream, Midstream, & Downstream, therefore the group will utilize existing resources for specific niches to help create a solution for the industry as a whole.

Since the 1980s, PIDX has pioneered the development of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), XML standards in the 2000s, and it continues to develop standards for newer technologies.


Based in Houston, Texas, PIDX International is a trusted professional organization of Energy Industry leaders dedicated to working together to standardize data exchange for digital business. PIDX has developed global standards by and for all participants in the Energy Industry. With a strong antitrust framework at its foundation, PIDX provides a trusted and proven environment for operators, suppliers, and network providers to communicate, collaborate, and transform. To learn more, visit, and follow us on LinkedIn.



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