Russian Norilsk Nickel Group Has Another Fuel Leak

This Is The Second Fuel Leak In Norilsk Nickel Group This Year

The Russian Norilsk Nickel reported that the Norilsktransgaz pipeline belonging to the Norilsk Nickel Group has fuel leak during the aviation fuel transfer near the village of Tukhard on the Gydanskii tundra.

RussiasI Largest Spills

The company said in a media statement that the oil spill did not pose a threat to the health of residents in the area, and the crew had taken measures to recover the leaked fuel. Emergency services are also on site.

According to Nornickel, the leak occurred around 11:15 am on Sunday, July 12, 2020. Preliminary data showed that nearly 44.5 tons of fuel were leaked during the depressurization process, which lasted about 15 minutes.

Norilsktransgaz is conducting an internal investigation into the incident and has submitted some information to the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.

This is the second time Nornickel has reported a fuel leak to the Arctic in less than two months. The previous one occurred in late May near Nornickel's thermal power plant NO.3 Norilsk, in north-central Russia.

When the accident occurred, the factory's oil depot ruptured, releasing 20,000 tons of diesel fuel to nearby areas, polluting the land and rivers discharged into the lake connected to Kara Sea.

Russian environmental regulators demanded more than US$2 billion in compensation for leaks in May, and the company had said that the clean-up costs would total US$150 million.

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