How to Maintain Oil Casing Pipe

At present, many oil companies are protecting oil casing pipe, and do not allow the use of wear-resistant belts. So how to repair the casing problem? Many drilling companies have tried many methods to remove the toughness of the tungsten carbide of the drill pipe. In the welding process of the wear-resistant belt, due to various reasons, the quality of the wear-resistant belt is unqualified and needs to be re-welded. The previous measure was to use a portable grinder to grind, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Finally, an automatic disassembly device for the wear-resistant belt of the drill pipe was developed. During the operation, only turn off the power and turn the drill pipe into the transmission line of the drill pipe. During the programming process, the transmission line automatically starts to forward. After the drill pipe is in place, the transmission line stops, the cylinder automatically upgrades the transmission line, and controls the docking The electric chuck is tightened, and under programmable control, the switch starts the compressed air supply and cools in turn. Water supply, horizontal axial movement, radial movement, cutting after completion, under programmable control, compressed air supply, cooling water supply, horizontal axial movement, radial movement, stop and automatic reset, is to send the conveyor line back drill pipe.

In order to protect the oil casing, professional technicians have analyzed and researched that the cylinder automatically flips the drill pipe and the whole process is automatically controlled. The use of this equipment will greatly improve the quality of the drill pipe wear band disassembly and reduce the workload of the workers.

This is the support of the well wall during and after oil well drilling, which ensures the normal operation of the drilling process and the completion of the oil well. Therefore, the problem of the wear-resistant belt of the oil drilling pipe is solved, and the serious defects and wear-resistant problems of the wear-resistant belt on the surface of the pipe joint are solved.

The operation is simple and safe, the degree of automation is high, the efficiency of the joint is high, and the cleaning is good after cutting. It is suitable for the wide diameter of the pipe body, large range, low noise, and the use of oil shells does not pollute the environment. The oil casing is an important equipment for oil drilling, and it is also very convenient to install and debug.

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