EPI Group Forms Global JV with GN Surveys Ltd

Launch of ‘EPI Geospatial' to further company's diversification into broader sectors

21st April 2020, Cobham, Surrey, UK: EPI Ltd (EPI), a leading independent and international energy consultancy are collaborating with GN Surveys Ltd (GNS), to launch a new service line, ‘EPI Geospatial'; providing a range of topographical, aerial, inspection and hydrographic surveying using innovative technical solutions to accurately capture and present data.


GNS are experts in geographic information systems, with over 21 years in the civil engineering industry and over 8 years' experience using UAV/Drone survey methods. Gary Nel, founder and managing director of GNS and industry pioneer, brings with him a wealth of consultancy experience and will help focus EPI with this new direction.


Andy Smart, CEO of EPI said, “This collaboration is pivotal and comes at a hugely significant time for EPI. We are thrilled to be working with Gary and his team. EPI are confident that his experience and deep understanding of the geospatial and civil engineering industry combined with EPI's strengths, will bring state of the art technological solutions to the civil engineering, construction sectors and beyond.”


“Collaborating with EPI allows GNS to continue to innovate, enabling GNS to provide superior services and products to our customers. I believe that EPI's commercial expertise will allow growth beyond what we could have ever imagined before.”, adds Nel.


Gary Nel has been leading the way with industry firsts for many years, including forming the first company in UK to get CAA permission to operate UAV's/Drones in congested areas. Taking home many awards and boasting a career track record of 7000+ hours of commercial flying with no reportable incidents, Gary and the team are ready to journey into the next chapter of the business. EPI will offer its clients geospatial services globally.

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