Reuters Events Launch Energy Transition Webinar Series - First episode tackles New Energy Infrastructure head on

Posted by Garth Jones


LONDON – 09 March – Reuters Events - today announced the first episode of their Energy Transition webinar series, New Energy Infrastructure in the Age of Transition (24 March, 14:00 GMT). The session will explore the unprecedented scaling of renewables over the next 10 years, pinpoint opportunities and deep-dive into the investment case for new energy assets.

The project is bought in collaboration with the launch of ETS Pivot, a new content portal launched by the Energy Transition (ET) team at Reuters Events which delivers business critical insights in the age of transition.  

Register or Request Recordings Via the Link Here.

Sharing insights: Jan De Groof, Head of Asset Management & Procurement, Engie, Stefan Müller, Co-founder & COO, Enerparc and Serkan Bahçeci, Partner & Head of Research, Arjun Infrastructures

Register today to come away with your guide to the scaling of renewables over the next 10 years! 

  • Gain insight into the investment case for renewables to understand which development opportunities represent value for money
  • Understand how new energy infrastructure will be scaled across Europe and how to position your operations to benefit from the surge in development & demand
  • Realize the value of economies of scale in order to secure your share of the future energy ecosystem

Register or Request Recordings Via the Link Here.

 “With the OECD predicting that $6.9 trillion will be spend annually on new energy infrastructure throughout the age of transition, it's vital for companies to understand how, when and by whom this money will be spent. The first episode in the ETS Pivot series looks to shed light on this a provide business critical insights for those navigating the transition ” Owen Rolt, Head of Energy Transition, Reuters Events

View the ETS Pivot homepage for more details

For more information about the Energy Transition Summit, please visit the website, or get in touch at



Owen Rolt
Head of Energy Transition
Reuters Events
UK: +44 (0) 207 375 7596

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