Hardness Test Method for Seamless Steel Pipe

The hardness test of seamless steel tube can be divided into two methods, one is tensile test and the other is hardness test. The following small series is introduced in detail for everyone:

The seamless steel pipe produced by the tensile test, the tensile tester of the sample will be pulled to the fracture, and the other measurement, usually only the mechanical properties of the tensile strength or more, the yield strength, the elongation and the reduction of the area . Tensile test is a test method for metal materials, almost all metal materials, as long as needed. Mechanical properties provide basic mechanical properties for tensile testing. In particular, those that are not easy to form a material hardness test, tensile test, as the only means of mechanical performance testing.

The hardness test is a rigid indenter hardness tester that is slowly pressed into the surface of the sample, and then the indentation depth or size is tested to determine the hardness of the material. The hardness test is the simplest, quickest and easiest to implement method of testing the mechanical properties of a material. Non-destructive hardness test, it is a similar value in terms of the relationship between the hardness and the tensile strength value. The hardness value of the material can be converted into tensile strength, which has great practical significance.

Since the tensile test is not easy to test, and the hardness of the conversion is very convenient, more and more people and only a small hardness test only tested their own strength. In particular, due to the continuous improvement and innovation of the hardness of the manufacturing technology, some of the original hardness can not be directly tested, such as seamless steel pipe, stainless steel plate and stainless steel belt, etc., can now be directly tested hardness. Therefore, there is a tendency to gradually replace the hardness test tensile test.

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Seamless steel pipeHardness Test

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