How to Protect the Anode and Cathode of Petroleum Casing

With the rapid development of the petroleum industry, the severe corrosion of buried pipelines, oil well casings and storage tank bottom plates, especially oil well casings, in oilfields has severely affected the production, development, and environment of oilfields. There is corrosion on the inner and outer walls of the casing of oil and gas wells, and the internal corrosion is severe. So, how to protect the anode and cathode of the oil casing? Let us briefly understand:

1. To deal with the corrosion of the inner wall of the casing of the oil well, generally, bactericides, corrosion inhibitors, pH adjustment, closed oxygen barrier skills are added in the annular space of the oil well, and low-strength oil casing is selected in the sulfur oil and gas fields.

2. To deal with the corrosion of the outer wall of the casing of an oil well, the cathode maintenance skills are generally adopted. Now, this has been recognized by the anticorrosion community at home and abroad. To avoid soil corrosion of underground steel structures, cathode maintenance is the most economical, reasonable and useful maintenance measure. Cathode maintenance is a safe and sophisticated anti-corrosion skill. It has the characteristics of strong maintenance ability, simple construction and low investment. This skill is increasingly used in the petrochemical and oil and gas sectors.

Cathode maintenance skills can not only avoid the corrosion of newly-built oil well casing, but also be very useful for the existing old oil well casing. It can extend the service life and reduce the number of replacements. The economic benefits are very significant.

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