How to Control the Special Oil Pipe

How to control the special oil pipe? Let us briefly understand:

Valves are mechanical devices used to open, close, and perhaps regulate the flow of media in pipes. There are many types of valves, and there are many types of classification. If it is differentiated by purpose, it can be divided into shut-off valve, check valve, dispatch valve, etc .; if it is divided by pressure, it can be divided into vacuum valve (working pressure is less than the standard atmospheric pressure), low pressure valve (PN≤1.6MPa), medium pressure valve (PN = 2.5—6.4MPa) and high pressure valve (PN = 10—80MPa). According to the driving method, it can be divided into manual valve, power driven valve and automatic valve. The gate valve is equal to the valve base and the valve plate. The valve plate moves vertically up and down with the valve stem through the hand wheel to cut or unblock the pipeline, and at the same time, it can adjust the unblocking ratio of the pipeline. Due to the characteristics of the gate, the gate valve is usually fully opened or closed for adjustment, and it is rarely used for flow adjustment. However, the gate valve has the advantages of good sealing function and easy maintenance. The valve core of the stop valve falls vertically on the base, the valve seat is parallel to the center line of the pipeline, the fluid
flows in an "S" shape in the valve body, and the fluid resistance is large. The stop valve is usually used for flow adjustment, and has simple manufacturing and maintenance It's a little bit, but it leaks easily when closed and is not as tight as a gate valve.

In the laying of long-distance transportation pipelines, valves must be installed along the line, and the distance should not exceed 32km. If the pipeline line passes through areas with rare fireworks, it may be appropriate to relax.

Buried oil pipelines must be equipped with valves at both ends of pipelines that pass through densely populated areas such as large rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and towns, or according to terrain conditions. The location of the cut-off valve should not be affected by geological hazards and floods, and it should meet the requirements of simple traffic and easy inspection, and protection facilities should be set up.

The above is the control method of the special oil pipe, I hope to help you.

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