How to Derust the Seamless Steel Pipes

Types of rust of seamless steel pipes:
Generally speaking, the rust on the surface of American standard steel pipes can be divided into floating rust, medium rust, and heavy rust according to the time of shipment, storage and transportation conditions, and humidity.

Floating rust: Generally, when the factory date is short and it is not stored in the open air, there is only a small amount of thin rust on the surface of the pipe. The metal luster can be exposed by manual operations such as wire brush, sandpaper and cotton yarn.

Medium rust and heavy rust: Oxidation rust appears on the surface of the tube when the factory date is long and it is stored in the open air or is transported for many times and the transportation time is long.

Severely rusted pipes are not suitable for sub-water conveying systems. When the rusted pipes are large and the batch size is large, you can use a rust remover or mechanical sandblasting to remove rust mechanically, which can improve labor efficiency and reduce pollution to people and air .

When high quality anticorrosion is required or the inner and outer walls of the pipe are rusted, chemical rust removal methods can be used to effectively remove oxides on the inner and outer surfaces of the pipe.

No matter which method is used to remove rust, the anticorrosive layer should be treated immediately after rust removal to avoid being oxidized and corroded by air again.

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Seamless Steel PipesDerust

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