Develop Your Crisis Team's Competencies

Develop Your Crisis Team's Competencies

  • Ever been asked to write and develop a Crisis plan or a Crisis Communication plan for your organization or a client?
  • Ever been asked to train your Crisis Team members in the Art and Science of Crisis Leadership?

Where should you start? I believe that this toolkit will speed up your workflow. It consists of a Crisis Planning Toolkit and the Training Materials of the Real-Time Crisis Management course at one special bundled price.

This toolkit is designed to equip leaders to take control in a crisis.

The toolkit prepares you to be a crisis leader i.e. a  person who understands both the art and science of crisis response, has the competencies (knowledge, skills, and attitude) to lead an organization in a time of duress and take the appropriate action under the circumstances.

The Crisis Leader Toolkit is designed to give companies and managers the edge when developing crisis plans and teams and is available via Paypal purchase.

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