Defects in Welding of Seamless Steel Tubes

The seamless steel tube is still quite a substitute in the production process. The reason for this situation of the seamless steel tube is that the forming gap changes too much, there are small burrs or small gaps on the edge of the strip, the forming is wrong, the welding wire diameter is uneven, and the welding wire joint. Unsmooth, uneven hardness of the wire causes uneven wire feeding, and metal burrs cause instant shorts at the tip. In this case, there is no need to make large adjustments, and the edge of the strip can be smoothed when conditions permit, and the molding can be kept stable.

The seamless steel tube is a pipe material whose welding seam is basically parallel to the steel pipe. The production process is simple, the production efficiency is high, the cost is low, and the development is fast. Generally, the curvature of the free side is ideal, but the delivery side is different. Due to the limitation, the deformation on the delivery side is not as good as the deformation on the free side. When the seamless steel pipe manufacturer has insufficient deformation to a certain extent, the force of the extension warpage on the delivery side causes the inner weld to tear.

With the continuous development of seamless steel pipe welding technology, new welding technology problems will also start to appear, and should be handled in accordance with the above-mentioned prevention and control measures. The above-mentioned seamless steel pipe welding defects are absolutely effective, but can control the progress of defects and improve the efficiency of processing welding defects.

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seamless steel tubewelding defects

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