Stainless Steel Pipe For Water Is Twice The Price Of PPR Pipe, Why It Is More Popular?

Stainless Steel Pipe For Water Is Twice The Price Of PPR Pipe, Why It Is More Popular?

Currently, the water supply pipes on the market include ppr pipes, copper pipes, and stainless steel water pipes. Due to the high price of copper pipes and stainless steel pipes, people generally choose ppr pipes as the main water supply and delivery pipes.

In recent years, the stainless steel pipe supplier market has been hot, not only hotels, schools, hospitals, municipal projects, etc. have begun to use stainless steel pipes, the home decoration has begun to use stainless steel pipes for water as well.

In fact, compared with the ppr pipes, the price of the stainless steel pipe does not have any advantage. It is still several times higher.

What is the reason that expensive one, the stainless steel pipe for water is more popular?

PPR water pipes have low hygienic performance

water in ppr pipes

How many people know that there is such a cause of disease in the plastic pipes we use. Because plasticizers, antioxidants, etc. must be added in the production of plastic pipes, because our daily drinking water is still in the pipeline for a long time, the time is not only easy to breed bacteria, but also prone to "smelly water phenomenon".

Drinking this water for a long time will cause great harm to the body.

PPR water pipes have poor safety and reliability

The plastic pipe is a hot-melt connection, and this connection method does not easily control its temperature. When the temperature is too low, the connection will not be tight and water will leak; on the contrary, the plastic material will be seriously deteriorated and the joint will be brittle.

Even if the temperature control is very good, the plastic at the joint is actually equivalent to the secondary use of plastic after remelting. It is a weak point in the pipe system, and the pressure bearing is relatively low. Generally, it is only allowed to work within 0.6mpa.

Plastic water pipe has a short service life

The aging problem of PPR pipe is more prominent, and it can only be used for 15-20 years at most, and the house has a much longer service life, so that at least several times of destroying all the decoration to replace the pipe, it is costly and laborious.

For stainless steel pipe, it does not have these shortcomings mentioned above. Please check article for details: why stainless steel pipes are better than PPR pipes.

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