Why Choose a Career in Petroleum Engineering

Posted by Carol Trehearn


The world's need for affordable and clean fuel has never been more urgent, and by choosing a career in petroleum engineering, you can make a significant difference to the world. While renewable energy sources are being investigated and developed, the world continues to run on oil and natural gas and without the petroleum industry our society will quickly grind to a halt. If that weren't motivation enough, the career also offers adventure, challenges, variety, travel and financial rewards. Interested in learning more? Here are just some of the reasons why you might want to choose a career in petroleum engineering.

It's a varied and challenging career

The petroleum engineering sector is hugely varied with plenty of career options to consider. Drilling engineers work alongside contractors and geologists to design multimillion dollar drilling operations. A production engineer develops and optimises oil and gas production processes or a reservoir engineer streamlines the recovery process and estimates how many wells can be drilled now and in the future. You could specialise in the economic or environmental aspects of the industry or even get into consulting, teaching or working with the government.

You can work anywhere in the world

From the ocean to the jungles, deserts and mountains, you could be travelling the world in search of new oil and gas reserves to power the world and support the global economy. There are relatively few careers which enable you to live and work in a variety of other countries and experience other cultures.

Work in the environment which suits you best

A career in petroleum engineering can take many forms including working outside in a field location, offshore, in an office or a mixture of all of them. Where you work is very much up to you. You might choose to work for a large corporation or a smaller company or you could even start your own independent business. The industry needs quality equipment and very best parts for the project such as parts from Sun Hydraulics suppliers. Your career in petroleum engineering can take you all around the world as you travel to new sites and work with other engineers and geologists.

Personal and financial incentives

The petroleum industry is a high profile and incredibly important sector which rewards its professionals very well. Even entry-level roles receive some of the highest salaries of any graduates and the financial incentives continue as you progress in your career. Because of the impending skills shortage and the crucial importance of the work, engineers in this field are able to advance much more quickly than in other fields of engineering. Offshore employees, in particular, are well compensated for working away from home and in riskier conditions.

In addition to the financial rewards, by working in petroleum engineering you will be on the front line of an industry that is literally powering the world and doing so with the environment as a priority at all times.

Petroleum engineers are in high demand

In the next few years, a huge number of professionals in the petroleum industry are due to retire. There is real concern that this will leave a significant skills gap meaning that new petroleum engineers will be in high demand. This should mean that you get the opportunity to advance by taking on more senior roles and important projects earlier in your career.

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