Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe Market Trading Atmosphere Weakened

China's stainless steel seamless pipe market trading atmosphere weakened

After the two-day rebound of the stainless steel seamless pipe market, the spot atmosphere weakened as the futures trend was sluggish.

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Today's steel mill price adjustment and market performance:

Steel mill price adjustment

On the 24th, China's national steel mills cut production price policy: showing a stable and weak situation. Among them, the shipments in some markets in East China are still in the face of serious shortages.

The steel mills are cautious in price adjustments, and they are more stable. In the South China region of North China, due to the weak futures, the trading atmosphere of the stainless steel seamless pipe market has weakened, and the steel mills' willingness to cut prices has increased.

Demand in the southwestern region is not performing well, but the cost supports the low willingness of steel mills to fall in price, and the leading steel mills are multi-dimensional and stable.

Stainless steel seamless pipe market performance

Today, the seamless stainless steel pipe has not changed after the decline, most of the performance is still weak, only part of the general; Tangshan billet straight hair transaction weakened, the market trading atmosphere is deserted; Tangshan type price mainstream steady operation. The rolling mills will resume production one after another, and the shortage of resources will gradually ease in the later period.

Raw materials

This morning, Tangshan billet straightening transaction weakened, futures volatility was lower, business operators were in a bad mood, and they were cautious and wait-and-see attitudes, paying particular attention to the overall market trading situation.


The latest inventory data on the 24th showed that the weekly output declined slightly, and environmental protection and production restrictions played a certain role. The stainless steel seamless pipe community continued to decrease, and there is still a certain demand in the current market.

Downstream demand

The sales area in the eastern, central, western and northeastern regions has narrowed or increased year-on-year. Real estate sales still show strong resilience.

On the whole, although the current stainless steel seamless pipe market is generally weak, but from the inventory and downstream real estate data, the market demand still has some resilience. On the other hand, the steel mills have a willingness to price, and there is no deep drop in intention. Only the weak adjustment of shipments is the mainstay. Therefore, under the turbulent market, there is no need to be blindly pessimistic about the market outlook, grasp the rhythm of stainless steel seamless pipe market, and operate on demand.

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