How To Clean The Inner Wall Of A Seamless Steel Pipe

Everyone knows that seamless steel pipes will have oil stains and oxide scales generated by welding and some other dirt during the production process. The outer wall is better cleaned: if it is oily, it can be washed with organic solvent or lye. If it is rusted, use a special rust remover. But how can the inner wall be cleaned up thoroughly? Today we will introduce to you.

If the cleanliness is high, use ultrasonic to clean:

Ultrasonic cleaning principle: The sudden change of sound pressure when ultrasonic waves propagate in liquid causes a strong air phenomenon in the liquid, which generates millions of tiny cavitation bubbles per second. These bubbles are rapidly generated in large quantities under the action of sound pressure. The ground violently blasts, producing a powerful impact and negative suction, enough to quickly remove stubborn dirt.

If the steel pipe is long and you have a sink, you can buy the ultrasonic vibration plate and put it into the water for ultrasonic cleaning. If it is not too long, you can use the ultrasonic vibration bar, insert it into the pipe for cleaning, and then rinse off the dirt with ultrasonic waves.

The method of removing oxide scale and rust on the steel surface by using an acid solution is called pickling. Acids for pickling include sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, nitric acid, mixed acid,ect.

The pickling process is to remove the surface oxide scale, and then after lubrication treatment (carbon steel-phosphorus saponification, stainless steel-tallow lime, copper-aluminum tube-oil), using the old process - copper plating, and then deep drawing. If the steel pipe is not pickled, the surface may have oxides and oil, the phosphating fluid can not remove them.The quality of phosphating will decrease. Moreover, in the manufacturing process, after a plurality of processes, if a little care is taken, the surface of the steel pipe will be left with scars, which will reduce the corrosion resistance of the components and directly affect the service life.

In order to improve the corrosion resistance of the steel pipe and prolong the service life of the product, the steel pipe must be pickled and passivated to form a protective film on the surface.

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