How To Inspect And Repair The Light Oil Pipeline

How To Inspect And Repair The Light Oil Pipeline

The oil station includes a booster station, a heating station, a heat pump station, a decompression station, and a transfer station. Oil pipelines are divided into crude oil pipelines and refined oil pipelines according to the oil products. Crude oil pipeline transportation is the main method of crude oil transportation. About 85% of the world's total crude oil is carried by pipelines.

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By the end of 1990, the total length of oil pipelines in China was 8684.4 kilometers, of which crude oil pipelines were 7767 kilometers long, and the oil pipelines with a length of 917.4 kilometers were mostly transported by oil. That is, in a pipeline, a plurality of oil products are continuously conveyed in a certain order.

The principle of oil delivery order is that the basic physicochemical properties of adjacent oils are similar to reduce the amount of oil mixed.

For example, the order of oil delivery of refined oil and crude oil in French refined oil pipelines is: high quality gasoline→conventional gasoline→jet fuel→diesel→folk fuel→diesel→light crude oil→medium/heavy crude oil, and then in reverse order Arrange down.

When transporting oil, it can be isolated by using an isolator or a spacer between two adjacent oils, or the two adjacent oils can be directly contacted without isolation.

Before entering the tank, you should wear a gas mask, wear non-nail shoes, wear safety equipment, and enter at least one person for supervision before entering the tank. For lighting applications, explosion-proof lamps (no explosion-proof lamps) or 3V batteries for two-cell batteries, the glass in front of the flashlight should be replaced with plexiglass or tempered glass. Normal glass is not allowed, and iron shells are not allowed. flashlight. Breathing valves within 40 meters of the welding tank must be wrapped in asbestos.

After the repair of the light oil pipeline system, the anti-static grounding system must be inspected or installed according to the following requirements.
When the outdoor management is buried, a grounding pole is set every 200 to 300 meters on the pipeline, and the grounding pole is set every 100 to 200 meters. Indoor pipes are laid in overhead or trenches (not to be buried), and a pole is placed every 30 to 50 meters.

However, regardless of the length of the pipeline, a grounding pole must be provided at the beginning and end of the pipeline and the entrance of the pipeline into the building. The grounding resistance of the grounding device is recommended to be no more than 20 ohms. Between the two grounding poles of the pipeline, if there are non-welded detachable joints, such as flanges, threaded fasteners, etc., the resistance of the unit connection should be no more than 0.03 ohms, otherwise the welding jumper should be added to form a reliable guide. Circuit. Since the pipeline may be loose due to thermal expansion and contraction, vibration, etc., and the construction of the jumper is not complicated, the welding jumper is generally added regardless of the joint resistance.

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