Edinburgh-based Engineer Continues Quest to Raise Endometriosis Awareness

The creator of an innovative treatment for the debilitating condition endometriosis has launched a suite of downloadable information packs, aimed at raising awareness of the condition amongst patients and GPs.

Helica Instruments' new Endometriosis Information Pack has been designed to empower sufferers by providing them with information about the condition, and the benefits of the Laparoscopic Helium Ablation (LHA) technique pioneered by the company.

Helica's technology is unique in dealing with early symptoms of endometriosis which in turn will dramatically reduce the level - and ultimate cost - of treatment required.

Although endometriosis affects approximately 1.5 million women in the UK – and an estimated 55,000 new sufferers will emerge annually -  a GP may see only one or two cases a year, and therefore, be unfamiliar with how widespread the condition actually is, appreciate the scale of the pain and distress the condition causes or how to refer the patient for laparoscopic examination and treatment.

Helica's new downloadable materials have been designed to provide sufferers and GPs alike with information as engineer and founder of Helica, Maurice Howieson, explains: “The estimated cost of endometriosis to the UK economy is £8.5bm per year - in treatment, loss of time at work and healthcare expenditure.

“Whilst some health boards across the UK are familiar with LHA as a revolutionary treatment option, it is crucial we make more GPs aware of the extent of the condition and the effectiveness of LHA as a treatment path, which could alleviate symptoms and cut diagnosis and treatment times by a staggering 3000%.

“Quite literally, years of suffering can be reduced to weeks, which is hugely welcome news to women with the condition.”

Sufferers can also engage with one another, discuss the condition and gain mutual support through Helica's twitter account, @helicasupport.

The new Information Pack is available to download from

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