L&N Scotland introduces new Synthesis system to the subsea market

Specialist subsea manufacturer, L&N Scotland has expanded its product portfolio with the launch of its named Synthesis system. In accordance with the company's review and development programme, L&N Scotland has introduced its latest product and service offering to combat the current constraints faced by subsea operators during product integration stages. 

By definition Synthesis is the combination of components or elements to form a connected whole. The new system, designed and developed by L&N Scotland, showcases a significant advancement in the application of small-bored tubing packages, by offering a fully commissioned package complete with a pre-manufactured and “ready-to-fit” kit of parts, through a single purchase order. 

Whilst conventional methods for obtaining a complete subsea system, have commonly required operators to procure all component parts through multiple suppliers and purchase orders, Synthesis provides an alternative solution that eliminates the complexity associated with these traditional methods. 

Synthesis compromises of a full turnkey support package complete with all small-bored tubing lines staged in reverse fitment order, along with all line and assembly sequence documentation for ease of installation. Utilising L&N Scotland's diverse service offering, coupled with its subsea design engineering experience and robust supply chain, the company has the unique ability to group all of its services to deliver an intelligent purchasing model for subsea operators. 

By implementing these services, such as early design engineering engagement, Synthesis ensures that product design and execution models are optimised and routed bespoke to any subsea structure.  As a result, Synthesis can be deployed across a full breadth of subsea applications ranging from Manifolds, X-trees, SCMBs, UTAs and SDUs.

The extensive experience and innate product knowledge, held by L&N Scotland's engineering team in the field of subsea applications, has been essential in the development of Synthesis and having successfully delivered and installed this package for major subsea operators, L&N Scotland predicts a much wider market potential for this new offering. 

Commenting on the launch of Synthesis, L&N Scotland's Managing Director, Craig Finnie said:  “L&N Scotland is continuously looking at ways in which we can evolve our product and service range to address the difficulties which our clients face during product integration. Through our investment into the research and development of Synthesis, we have managed to significantly improve project integration processes, whilst allowing our clients to procure a fully executed system ready for operation, through the placement of one purchase order.

“This bespoke solution not only provides the necessary project cost and timescale reductions requested by the industry, but also facilitates a more efficient and streamlined manufacturing process, whilst maintaining the quality and integrity of the client product. We are delighted to bring Synthesis to the global subsea market, in which we can deliver a substantial solution for operators in the form of a rationalised supply chain.” 

L&N Scotland has grown to become a market leader in the provision of subsea engineering and manufacturing solutions to customers worldwide. The company, which holds 20 years' of professional subsea experience, delivers an array of services worldwide including specialised welding, design engineering and manufacture services, as well as innovative product integration capabilities for the oil and gas industry.

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