New CompAir solutions for Al-Nasr Full Field Development Project in Abu Dhabi

Posted by Marta Aldana


Gardner Denver's CompAir brand has supplied a complete compressed air system to Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), as part of its engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract with the Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company for the Nasr Full Field Development Project (Package 2).


Located 130 km northwest of Abu Dhabi in the Al-Nasr oil field, the new ‘super complex' from HHI will help increase the daily oil production capacity of the offshore field from 22,000 to 65,000 barrels. The facility includes a gas treatment platform, which is where the compressed air system from Gardner Denver will be sited.


Gardner Denver's scope of supply included design, fabrication, supply, inspection, transportation, testing and commissioning of the compressed air equipment and plant systems. The compressed air system includes four oil-free, air-cooled rotary screw compressors, two sets of heatless, desiccant-type air dryers, two DCS/ESD unit control panels and UCP (BN3500) machine monitoring systems, filters and accessories. The mechanical packages were installed outdoors on the top deck of the facility, and so these needed to be able to withstand the elements, while the control and monitoring unites were located indoors.


The compressors use air-cooled technology to cool and seal the compression process, maximising the units' overall efficiency, while sealed-for-life bearings that require no oil lubrication are also used on the machines. The compressors' compact and noise-limiting enclosure helps simplify the installation process, as well as ensuring quiet compressor operation at all times.


Given its application, the compressed air system naturally needs to be able to withstand corrosion caused by salt spray from breaking waves. Therefore, all the piping within the compressor and dryer packages from CompAir are 316L grade stainless steel, to help protect against the elements. The lubrication system, including the oil reservoir, also uses 316L grade stainless steel to comply with the project's specification.


Furthermore, the customised, heatless desiccant dryer packages supplied by CompAir offer a robust and reliable solution, proven in many industries around the world. Cost-effective and easy to use when compared with the many alternative desiccant dryer regeneration methods available on the market, the heatless technology is simple to install with low on-going maintenance costs, as they are not prone to the same heat-related issues that other dryer regeneration systems are.


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