Shell is Delving Deeper Into Blockchain Technology

On the Lookout For Blockchain Analysts

Known as one of the largest oil and gas production companies in the world, Royal Dutch Shell is firmly establishing its role as a forward-thinking company when it comes to blockchain technology. As part of its IT graduate programme, Shell has begun to recruit blockchain analysts. The opportunity was listed on the company's careers website and has since been shared to LinkedIn. According to the job specification on the listing, placements will be made at the Shell Blockchain Center of Excellence.

But What Does a ‘Blockchain Analyst' Do?

New technology demands new job functions and titles. The blockchain analysts required by Shell are science graduates with a background in computer science, mathematics and artificial intelligence. They will form part of a team that will explore innovative new applications of blockchain technology across all of the company's business areas including its core functions in oil and gas and progressive areas like new energies and electric vehicles. Successful applicants will become responsible for taking potential use cases of blockchain technology and other decentralized technologies from the idea phase through to implementation. The listing also stated that the analysts will be in charge of selling potential uses of the technologies to the rest of the company.

Pioneering Blockchain Technology in Business

The fact that Shell is actively searching out the next generation of business-geared blockchain advocates makes sense. In November 2018 the company took part in replacing an antiquated, traditional paper-based process for trading oil with a progressive blockchain-based platform. What's more, Shell's recent recruitment drive is not isolated – it appears that the oil and gas giant is simply another industry giant joining a trend. Based on recent research, several other time-honored corporate companies like KPMG, Accenture, IBM, Deloitte and Oracle have become some of the biggest employers in the blockchain industry.

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