Everything you need to know about Algeria in 2019

Algeria has a history of being the most attractive country oil & gas market for a unique set of important reasons:

  • Large unconventional hydrocarbons deposits, with its shale gas reserves ranking among the three largest in the world

  • Vast deposits of gas, with only one-third of the country explored

  • Booming oil industry, with Sonatrach developing into the strongest regional company

  • Great geographical location in the Mediterranean with several onshore and offshore blocks available in prominent locations

  • ALNAFT's ethic of treating investing companies as partners and maintaining excellent relationships

  • The Maghreb-Europe, Medgaz and Trans-Mediterranean pipelines make Algeria Europe's most prominent gas supplier, and Africa's energy node

  • Large investments in the oil & gas sector, with early adoption of new technologies, upgraded facilities and techniques.

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