LPG Consumption Growth of 23% in Cambodia

According to Cambodia's government figure, LPG consumption grew at rapid rate of 23% in 2017.

Cambodia is one of the fastest growing countries in the world.  With an average growth of more than 7%, it is slowly transforming itself from being one of the least developed countries to one of the most rapid and fast growing economies in the region.

According to our own estimation, the current LPG consumption in Cambodia is between 160,000MT to 180,000MT per annum.  Consumption of LPG in Cambodia is driven by both the Cooking Gas and Autogas market in the country.

High growth - From commercial & industrial usage

Besides the residential consumptions of LPG in Cambodia that is experiencing steady growth, high growth for LPG is coming from the commercial and industrial sectors. In particular, we are seeing high growth coming from the commercial sectors as many infrastructure projects such as hotels, shopping malls and integrated resorts come online and boost the commercial usage of LPG.

High growth of LPG - AutoGas Sector in Cambodia

Cambodia has a sizable Autogas market and a good distribution network to allow for further growth in the market.  In 2016, the Autogas industry got a boost when private hire company, EZGO, started rolling out AutoGas Tuk Tuk (three-wheelers from India). With the country facing strong economic growth and a tourism boom, the number of private hire vehicles running on LPG is highly expected to fuse the investment among the Autogas distribution network, which in turn will fuse the growth in consumption.

In partnership with the Japan LP Gas Center, and Institute of Energy and Economics, Japan; and internationally endorsed and supported by the World LPG Association, the LPG Cambodia 2018 Conference and Exhibition under the ASEAN LPG FORUM Series will take place from 13 – 14 November 2018 at the Sokha Hotel, Phnom Penh

Registration for the conference and exhibition is now open! Please contact us at or +65 6742 2485 for more details.

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