Development and Application of Large Longitudinal Welded Pipes

With the development of oil weather, it has gradually developed to remote areas, oceans, and cold regions. The reliability of steel pipes for oil and gas pipelines has been increasingly demanded, requiring high-strength large-diameter and thick-walled pipeline steel pipes. As the requirements for oil and gas pipelines are continuously increasing, seamless steel pipes and spiral welded tubes have not met the requirements. Because it uses strip steel as raw material, steel grades are limited by the heat treatment of materials, and spiral welded pipes have the disadvantages of long weld length, large residual stress, and poor weld reliability, which are difficult to overcome, and are increasingly unsuited to the development of the pipeline industry. Needs, large-caliber thick-walled straight seam steel pipe gradually replaced the spiral steel pipe.

Most countries in the world basically do not use lsaw steel pipe for oil and gas transmission pipe. In Japan and other industrialized countries, spiral welded pipes are used only as steel pipe piles and low pressure conveying pipes, which greatly promotes the development of large straight seam welded pipes. The processes used in the production of large straight seam pipes vary from country to country. Currently widely used is UOE production process. The United States, Japan, Germany, France, the former Soviet Union and other countries have such large Longitudinal Welded Pipe Units. So far, there are more than 30 sets of UOE welded pipe units in the world.

1. Choose the right craft
From the comparison of several large straight seam welded pipe technology and the development of the world's largest longitudinally welded pipe technology, UOE is currently the world's leading high-strength line pipe * main LSAW pipe unit, its production capacity, product quality it is good. The developed countries in the world have such units. China is a big steel country and a country with a large amount of steel pipe for oil and gas pipelines. It is very necessary to build one or two sets of UOE units with advanced world standards to produce high-quality steel pipes for oil and gas transmission pipelines.

In addition, it is also possible to build 2~3 sets of other LSAW pipe units such as C pressure forming and continuous roll forming (CFE). Although the productivity of these welded pipe units is lower, they have less investment, quick construction, and good flexibility. Good quality, strong ability to adapt to the market. Complementary size of units, so as to adapt to the development of China's pipeline industry Pipeline steel pipe will gradually LSAW-based pipe, the current spiral pipe market is gradually transformed into a longitudinal seam welded pipe market. From this we can see that the construction of large longitudinal welded pipes will have a good prospect.
X52 seamless steel pipe

2. Determine a reasonable industrial layout
The layout of the Great Longitudinal Welded Pipe production line should take into account the distribution of pipeline construction and future development plans. Judging from the current situation, the construction of larger-scale pipelines is mainly concentrated in the western and northern regions of China. Transportation of raw steel plates for large longitudinal welded pipes should also be considered in order to solve the problem of transportation of ultra-long ultra-wide steel plates.

Therefore, there are two solutions for the layout of the YZW pipe production line: one is that the site of the YZW pipe production line is as close to the pipeline construction area as possible, which is conducive to the transportation of steel pipes to the pipeline under construction because of the no-load ratio of the railway transportation steel pipe. It is very high and the transportation costs are staggering. Reducing the transportation costs from the steel pipe plant to the pipeline site is an important factor in reducing the project cost.

The other is that the site of the Great Longitudinal Welded Pipe production line is close to the steel plate production base or port, which can solve the transport problem of the ultra-long ultra-wide steel plate and facilitate the transportation of the steel pipe. The construction of China's Great Longitudinal Welded Pipe production line has just started, and it should be rationally planned and laid out so that the industrial layout is basically reasonable. This is of great significance to the development of China's Great Longitudinal Welded Pipe technology and the construction of the pipeline industry.

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