Revolutionary Oval Gear Flow Meters from MacNaught

Marking a revolution in positive displacement flow measurement technology. The latest MX-Series oval gear flow meters range from Macnaught is now available in the UK, exclusively from Bell Flow Systems.

Oval gear meters are widely recognised as one of the most versatile flow measurement solutions. With their ability to accurately meter a broad range of low to high viscosity fluids, without the need for flow conditioning. Based on over 40 years manufacturing experience, Macnaught has taken the proven benefits of oval gear and combined them with a revolutionary modular design and cutting edge production techniques. As a result, the MX-Series is a reliable, high performance flow meter range with exceptional accuracy, repeatability and durability.

Oval Gear Flow Meter - Exploded Diagram

Output modules common to all MX-Series models to be connected or removed in seconds, thanks to the M-Lock mounting system, unique to Macnaught. Therefore, these oval gear flow meters can be removed without having to disassemble the meter or remove it from service. A simple quarter turn is all that's required to easily change pulse modules or to replace with an LCD Screen. In conclusion, providing a major benefit to users with a large installed meter base.
Reed switch and Hall Effect Sensor are standard outputs, with high temperature, intrinsically safe and analogue options. Completing the line up, is a comprehensive range of M-Lock compatible rate, total and batching displays with outputs, ATEX options and remote mount versions.

The Benefits of the Macnaught Oval Gear Flow Meters

Macnaught Oval Gear Flow Meter Range

The MX-Series model range covers from DN8 ¼” up to DN100 4″ with flow rates from 0.5LPH to 1200LPM at up to 138bar. To ensure dimensional stability, each meter body is individually CNC machined from solid stainless steel or aluminium billet. The aluminium bodies being black anodised to prevent corrosion with high water content fluids. Standard seals are Viton and Teflon. Oval gear rotors are precision engineered in PPS, aluminium or stainless steel to exacting tolerances. High temperature 150c and high viscosity +1000cPs versions are available. As a result, standard accuracy is better than 0.5% with the option of 0.25% accuracy with 3 point calibration and repeatability of 0.03%.

Oval Gear Flow Meters Diagram

The moving parts inside the meter body are limited to a pair of oval gear rotors. Subsequently, maintenance is minimal. The MX-Series can be quickly and easily disassembled, serviced and reassembled whilst still in the line – unlike more complicated technologies. Most importantly, without the need for special tools or training. Additionally, each meter is individually tested and calibrated before dispatch. Each MX-Series meter also has a full range of spare parts readily available. Finally, all MX-Series meters are backed with a 2 year factory warranty.

Lee Brogan is Product Manager at Bell Flow Systems. He said: “Having the flexibility to be able to change pulse and LCD modules quickly and easily is a major benefit for many users. Combined with Macnaught's renowned quality, it makes MX-Series the ideal solution to many flow measurement problems. It is not often that an evolutionary change takes place. With further additions planned, MX-Series will continue to set the benchmark in oval gear flow measurement.”

View the full range of Macnaught oval gear flow meters on the Bell Flow Systems website.

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