Miros and Ocean Visuals Co-Operate to Offer Holistic Sensor Package for Oil Spill Detection

Ocean Visuals and Miros are excited to announce a formal cooperation agreement targeting a game change combination of remote sensors for oil spill detection and verification.

The companies are cooperating to provide customers with a unique set of complimentary detection and verification sensors, addressing all aspects of surveillance, detection and verification of oil spills. Miros' well proven radar and IR-based surveillance and detection system detects and tracks oils spills over large areas, while Ocean Visuals novel HLIF LiDAR provides high resolution point measurements for detection and verification.

The Norwegian companies share the same vision in terms of remote sensing and dry sensors, with its sensors being easily mounted on vessels and topsides. Andreas Brekke, CEO at Miros AS, is eager to see what their combined products can do. “The real novelty of this cooperation is being able to solve a wider range of our customers' operational challenges. We can now offer detection capabilities at all relevant distances and across a wider range of operating scenarios, with unprecedented automated verification capabilities”. Christian Testman, CEO at Ocean Visuals, believes the cooperation contributes to enhance the OSD efficiency: “We are excited to cooperate with Miros and supporting their large client base in this space. This is an important first step towards true sensor fusion in oil spill detection”.

Miros has extensive experience within the OSD market, its systems being deployed on the majority of response vessels globally and thoroughly tested in both oil-in-water exercises and in real oil spill incidents. Two thirds of the European Maritime Safety Agency's oil spill response vessels and 16 NOFO oil response vessels are fitted with Miros OSD Recovery systems.

Ocean Visuals contributes with their novel oil spill remote detection technology. Their Oil-in-Water Locator (OWLTM) is capable of detecting and classifying oil on the water surface and in water column, submerged oil, and oil in ice slush, without generating false alarms.

Miros and Ocean Visuals will for the first time exhibit together at the Interspill exhibition in London on 13 – 15 March (booth S200).

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