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Acceptance Standards for Straight Seam Steel Pipes

The quality of steel pipes has always been a concern of customers. So, how to conduct acceptance after the steel pipes are made? 1. Acceptance 1.1 The quality inspection and acceptance of straight seam steel pipes shall be carried out by the technical quality supervision department of the supplie ...

Freya Lee - Hunan Standard Steel Co., Ltd

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Application of Stainless Steel Welded Pipe in Various Industries

Stainless steel welded pipe, abbreviated as welded pipe, is a steel pipe that is usually welded after the steel or steel belt is rolled by the unit and the mold. Welded steel pipe production process is simple, high production efficiency, many varieties and specifications, less equipment investment ...

lvy lee - Permanent Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

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 Cyberhawk and Shell sign five-year multimillion-dollar software contract Cyberhawk becomes first and only drone-based operator to be granted full global aviation approval across all Shell facilities Global contract follows successful two-year proof-of-concept at a Shell construction project in ...

Saffron Cummings

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iQx™ Automates End of Well Reporting

The Software business unit of AGR has delivered the first automated End of Well Report for Lundin Energy Norway. The firm's industry-leading plug-and-play solution, iQx™ , was utilised to generate the detailed well completion report for a well drilled in the Edvard Grieg area by the Leiv Eiri ...

Maria Djomina - AGR

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AGR to deliver Well Management support to Emperor Energy during upcoming Exploration Campaign

AGR , the independent global provider of Well Management, well delivery software and Reservoir Management consultancy, is set to deliver planning and design of the Judith 2 Exploration Well to the ASX-listed Emperor Energy Limited (EMP). The Well is planned for the Judith Gas Field in VIC/P47 Perm ...

Maria Djomina - AGR

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Application of Super Austenitic Stainless Steel in Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization Process System

Super Austenitic Stainless Steel is currently the most suitable material for wet flue gas desulfurization process This process is also the most commonly used with super austenitic stainless steel in the world today. Of the many desulfurization technologies, it accounts for 80% of the total ins ...

roger chen - kaysuns industry limited

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Winterisation & Freeze Prevention of Water Pipes Onboard Tanker

Pictured:  Below is a 15kW  Hazloc AEU1  hazardous location heater with a factory built-in electronic thermostat to provide freeze prevention installed on the Torm Almena vessel. The  explosion proof heater  is used onboard oil and chemical tankers where it provides heat to the ballast water ...

Natalie Lundie

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Remote Metrology Survey Project Completed in Gulf of Mexico

A leading international survey service provider has announced the completion of a remote metrology in the Gulf of Mexico using unique methods which are in growing demand. Houston-based Zupt LLC has been completing metrologies remotely, without offshore survey personnel, since 2017 and is believed ...

Lesley Eaton

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ERW Steel Pipe and SAW, SML Steel Pipe Performance Comparison

1. Comparison of ERW and SAW steel pipes Because the length of SAW ( Spiral Steel Pipe ) weld is about 4~5 times of the length of ERW weld, and the inner weld nodules are not removed by technological means, the friction of the inner wall of the pipeline is inevitably increased when the medium is con ...

lvy lee - Permanent Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

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Ecosse IP invests in a 950Te Cable storage carousel for UK offshore wind And inter connector projects

Ecosse IP Ltd (EIP), based in Banchory Aberdeenshire, announces a substantial investment in a 950Te carousel.  The carousel is now ready for use at Sunderland Port. Based in County Durham A sister company to EIP Ltd. MASfab will be fabricating modifications to the carousel to significantly upgrade ...

Hayley Yule

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Tendeka awarded five-year contract extension with Oman operator

Independent global completions service company Tendeka has been awarded a five-year contract extension to supply a major operator with zonal isolation technologies for all fields in Oman. The multi-million-dollar contract extends a long-term partnership between the two companies, which was first e ...

Shayla Henry

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Block Energy engages EPI’s Outsourced Development Department

EPI are very pleased to announce that  Block Energy Plc  have engaged our Outsourced Development Department or ODD ®  in an innovative strategic partnership. EPI's COO of Geoscience, Gehrig Schultz said: “This model provides a cost-effective and high-quality development team, allowing clie ...

Jenni Nicholls

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Urban Gas Pipeline Network Using ERW Steel Pipe and its Anti-corrosion Problems

Comparison of pipe materials used in urban gas pipeline network: At present, the urban gas pipeline network mainly uses ERW steel pipes , cast iron pipes and polyethylene (PE) pipes. From the perspective of safety and economy, that is, to ensure the quality of the project , the safety of gas s ...

lvy lee - Permanent Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

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GB/T 9711 JCOE Construction Pipe, WT 6-50 MM

China GB/T 9711 JCOE Construction Pipe Supplier Offers GB/T 9711 JCOE Construction Pipe, OD 457-1422 MM, WT 6-50 MM, Length 5800-12300 MM, ISO 3183. We are professional in manufacturing Construction Pipe . The specification of Construction Pipe: Product Line JCOE LSAW steel pipeline. Outer ...

Jeawin Huang - Datang Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.

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The Method of Measuring the Length of Straight Seam Steel Pipe and Installation Precautions

According to the different process requirements of the manufacturer, there are many methods for the length measurement system of straight seam steel pipes , mainly the following types: 1. Length measurement with grating ruler The basic principle is to install two fixed-length grating rulers on the ...

Freya Lee - Hunan Standard Steel Co., Ltd

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