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Carving out a new identity for oil and gas

As the coronavirus crisis wreaks havoc across the globe, no industry has been safe from its effects. Oil and gas are no exception. April 20 th , 2020 was the first day in history where oil recorded negative prices . Since the beginning of the pandemic there has been a loss of one third of total de ...

Scott Johnson

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Building Back Better: Climate Crisis, Oil Price Crash and Covid-19

Stakeholder pressure, falling unit costs, a heightened sense of moral and social responsibility (perhaps) - if you had asked observers six months ago to list the factors they deemed responsible for driving the energy transition , these are, inter alia, the responses you may have received. Whilst t ...

Owen Rolt

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Oil & Gas Separators

Separators reside on onshore well pads and offshore platforms and can be horizontal, vertical, or a sphere. They're used in upstream oil and gas applications for periodic well testing (as a test separator) or continuous production measurement (as a production separator ), and  can function in ...

Josh Waters

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Five Predictions as We Enter the Age of the Energy Transition

For the previous few centuries, humans have been burning through fossil fuel reserves with somewhat reckless abandon. Yet in the 2020s, and based on extensive peer-reviewed research, we make five big and bold predictions linked to the future of energy systems and the social infrastructures that nee ...

Garth Jones

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Five oil tanker full of sanctioned

Five oil tanker full of sanctioned fuel are currently making their way across the Atlantic Ocean. On the 2nd of June 2020 , Major Failur for the Trump administration What scenario will happen? Trump either has to think about the bad domestic situation caused by COVID-19 Or he should be thinking ab ...

Masih Rezvani-Ph.D

Posted 1 month agoOpinion

Big Data Analytics: Learning From Oil And Gas Majors

Oil and gas companies face many challenges: lack of operational processes visibility, predictive maintenance and performance improvement, logistics complexity, environmental regulations restriction, and other. Data generated by a company may be used to overcome them, but it should be properly ana ...


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4 ways digitalization can help the Oil and Gas industry to survive the crisis

Companies involved in oil extraction and processing are now facing significant risks caused by Covid-19. The International Energy Agency reported that oil demand may shrink by 23.1 bpd in Q2 as oversupply worsen the price crash; oil prices have decreased by around 50% since January, 2020. These c ...


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Taking stock of the COVID-19 Energy Crisis

For many, 2020 will definitely be a year to remember…unfortunately not in a fond manner. In the first quarter of the year we have seen free falling crude oil prices, stranded crude cargoes of some of the most sought after crude grades, negative prices for crude futures, global economic shut down; ...

Mariah Lucciano-Gabriel - Asharami Energy

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Why Do We Need to Utilise Carbon Offsetting?

The climate crisis is becoming a larger concern as the years go by, and our negative impact on the planet will soon be irreversible. Because of this, we need to think creatively about how we can offset our emissions. Many of us are already striving towards a greener way of living. Whether that mea ...

John Hannen

Posted 1 month agoOpinion > Carbon Emissions

Why Do O&G Majors Invest in Startups?

As digital transformation in the oil and gas industry evolves, companies turn regard on startups providing automation and digitalisation solutions — for example, in March 2019 Chevron announced that the company is going to invest  $90m  into hi-tech oil and gas startups, while at the beginning of 2 ...


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The Main Challenges of Fully Monetising Natural Gas Resources

Today, after toughening the regulations for excessive flaring keeping the current pace of gas exploration along with minimising environmental footprint has become a complex and expensive task, especially in offshore locations. A lot of companies are therefore developing offshore projects on the mo ...


Posted 2 months agoOpinion > ReginaChislovaEPOCH

What are the 'new normals' for oil post C-19?

As the COVID-19 virus was starting to spread and we were seeing lockdowns in Europe, the OPEC+ agreement on crude production started to fall apart and Saudi Arabia and Russia squared-off against each other in a fight for market share. They announced plans to boost production by as much as 3 millio ...

Andrew Laven - Sahara Energy Resources DMCC 

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Responding To an Oil Spill

The damage by oil spills differs depending on the oil type, the location of the spill, and other factors - but the huge social, economic and environmental damage requires quick and effective measures from oil companies. Regina Chislova, Project Director of  EPOCH 2020  - the Congress dedicated to o ...


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Investing in offshore E&P: pros, cons and strategies

An unstable oil price and the growing trend of switching to low carbon technologies are worrying shareholders and potential investors in offshore oil and gas exploration and production (E&P). Questions that should be considered include: is it worth investing in offshore operations now and, if so, w ...


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Recycling Plastics Back Into Oil

With IMO 2020 approaching and growing demand for petrochemical products and low-sulfur fuel, downstream oil and gas companies are looking for ways to reduce costs. One of the possible solutions to the problem is recycling plastics back into oil. This would solve two problems at the same time by pr ...


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