The road back to work during tough times

Learning about recruitment trends

The upstream oil and gas industry is still struggling to get back on its feet, (with a few exceptions such as the US lower 48). There are so many good people still looking for work around the world. If it's been a while, it might be that you've let some of the good job hunting practices slide a little.

It makes sense to follow the latest in industry trends and advice from other manpower companies, both in the energy industry and beyond. Sometimes these articles have interesting points that are worth sharing. Other times there will be things that we disagree with. Either way, we all need to keep our fingers on the pulse…

Resume VS social media

Kelly Services provide statistics on how hiring managers research candidates. Interestingly, their surveys showed that only 9% look at social media when reviewing candidates. Only 2% prefer a personal website and 1% have a preference for LinkedIn over the traditional resume.

Does this mean that we have been banging the wrong drum here at Natrespro? We often recommend that you spend more time on social media, and update your profiles.

Fortunately, our advice is vindicated, because the article makes it clear that there is a strong consensus among the scientific community about the benefits of using social media.

Here is a quote from the article:

"The majority of scientific professionals surveyed by Kelly® (70 percent) say social media is their primary method of networking, and 37% use their social media networks when making career or employment decisions. Add to this the fact that employee or industry referrals are top ways hiring managers find talent, and it's clear that social media is a vitally important tool for establishing and building relationships with your peers and industry leaders."

The title of the article was ‘Résumé Versus Social Media: What do Hiring Managers Really Check?' I commented that that might not have been the best title to use. Versus means there is an implied conflict when resumes and social media work together to help you increase your chances of getting that new role.

Your resume/CV is definitely the most important tool in your job hunting efforts. We see a fairly high percentage submitted to us with out of date or unnecessary information. It can take a few hours and some back and forth emails to get the accurate information ready to pass on to a hiring company.

Once your CV is rectified, then what? This task might take a few hours. In addition to that, you need to work through all of the other necessary steps to put yourself in a good position. One of these steps involves your social media presence.

So in the battle to get a job perhaps your sword (resume) is the most important. You will want a shield, helmet and armour and some good walking boots if possible too. In fact, you want to be fully prepared and equipped.

In practical terms, here are a list of things that you can do to maximise your chances, you can…

1) Create or update your social media presence and personal blog
2) Start to visit all the places online that cover job vacancies and job searches
3) Find a mentor
4) Continue your education, both formal and informal
5) Be prepared to put the hours in, just as if you were working on a challenging contract
6) Join online events and courses
7) Use SPE's online competency tool
8) Start exercising
9) Quit alcohol
10) Read self-help/philosophy books
11) Cut personal expenses etc…

Alright, you don't need to give up alcohol or exercise too hard. This is just a short (incomplete) list to give you some suggestions or ideas moving forward.

Then, when the next perfect job vacancy comes up it will be met by you at your very best. A finely tuned and optimised candidate with no apparent chinks in your armour whatsoever.

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