Why Do We Need to Utilise Carbon Offsetting?

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The climate crisis is becoming a larger concern as the years go by, and our negative impact on the planet will soon be irreversible. Because of this, we need to think creatively about how we can offset our emissions.

Many of us are already striving towards a greener way of living. Whether that means choosing to recycle, reducing the amount of plastic we use, using LPG or even turning down the thermostat in our home by one degree – there's a growing number of people dedicated to lowering their environmental impact.

Even so, there's much more to be done. Last year the UK government announced plans to achieve ‘Net Zero' status by the year 2050[1], a target which aims to stop the UK from contributing to the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere. However, public awareness on how this will be achieved is still lacking. In fact, a recent report from the Citizen's Advice Bureau found that just 38 per cent of us are aware we'll need to change the way our home is heated if we're to achieve this goal.[2]

Until we can claim that we're completely carbon neutral, we will be damaging the environment to some extent. From heating our homes and offices, to driving our cars or even making a cup of tea, it's inevitable that we can't always live up to the green standards we'd like to.

Carbon Offsetting offers a much-needed solution. Here, we look through the benefits and how it can help us lead a greener life.

Carbon Offsetting: what does it mean?

Carbon Offsetting allows us to prevent any damage done by emissions that can't be prevented. A process in which people compensate their emissions by funding projects that provide sustainable development in communities around the world. These projects offer an equivalent reduction in emissions to those you create; either counteracting or absorbing carbon dioxide and bringing balance to the environment.

This strategy has been adopted by many world-renowned brands. Companies such as EasyJet[3], Shell[4] and Gucci[5], all now use Carbon Offsetting to help improve the environmental impact of their businesses.

Why is it important?

Thanks to Carbon Offsetting, people can now balance out their carbon impact even when emissions are inevitable.

On top of this, the increased funding brought in by Carbon Offsetting can make a real difference. These funds bring economic, social and health improvements to whole communities. With people at the heart of Carbon Offsetting, as well as ecosystems, it allows us to begin future proofing for a cleaner, greener world. 

Why should I choose to Carbon Offset my emissions?

We can all play an important part via Carbon Offsetting, as homeowners are now given to opportunity to balance their carbon footprint. For the environmentally conscious and those looking to reduce their impact on the climate, Carbon Offsetting gives them the tools to make a difference. Whilst it shouldn't be used as a stand-alone approach and is best used as part of a wider carbon reduction strategy, it will help people reduce their impact on the environment.

What about the emissions that are out of my control?

There are endless benefits to Carbo Offsetting, and it can benefit communities in unimaginable ways. The beneficiaries of Carbon Offsetting could be anything from helping some of the poorest households in West Africa to access eco-friendly cooking equipment, to supplying clean hydroelectric power to the local grid in rural China, the options are diverse. One example is the Kariba REDD+ Forest Protection project in Zimbabwe, Africa. Since its launch in 2011, it's avoided more than 18 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere and has prevented deforestation in an area of nearly 750,000 hectares.

Carbon Offsetting certainly provides at least a pa of the solution. It's true that many of us are already doing our bit in all areas of life to reduce our carbon footprint but choosing great initiatives such as Carbon Offsetting is yet another step in the right direction. By supporting worthy sustainability projects that deliver quantifiable greenhouse gas reductions, we can all play our part in securing the future of the planet.

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