Southern and Eastern Africa Oil Rush/Part1

Not long ago thats four years ago in Changchun ,pop 3.2 million a quantitive meeting was hastily summoned with the top chinese oil companies .

  • CDB China Development Bank
  • ChinaOil China National United Oil Corporation
  • CNODC China National Oil Development Corporation
  • CNOOC China National Offshore Oil Corporation
  • CNOOC Ltd China Offshore Oil Corporation Ltd.
  • CNPC China National Petroleum Corporation.
The agenda was outsourcing oil producing countries to supply it vast population and industrial developments for the next 25 years.

The meeting ruled the following countries out:

Russia,Uzbekistan,Turmenistan,Kazakstan and Iran

Inserting a word of litany may be farfetched(meaning ......against fear ),with reference to the above countries)
With regard to Saudi Arabia,Iraq,Qatar,Algeria,and Libya(billions lost) these countries China will follow co-operation on a luke warm platform

Inserting the word litany ,may be also be farfetched(meaning ......of complaints)with reference to the  above countries.
China during Deng Xiaoping rule was made aware and I believe china has already implemented his policy towards Africa.
China wants peace with everybody, especially its neighbours and its neighbours have vast amount of land with diminishing populations.China knows that its population is becoming affluent and sharply mobile, looking for greener pastures.Its priority is India,cooperating with duo diplomatic-economic policies and having a bigger hope of propelling the world to ingrain its Leap to Industrialization for poor african countries hence releasing its locomotive of economic potential and embroiling them on par. According to the Chinese ,Russia and the USA should be a status quo of tete a tete nothing more or nothing less.However ! any expansion of land to accomodate it large population especially from Russia is a zero resolution and might cause a flinch of embarrassment.

Africa A Land of Opportunity.

China sees Africa as a sea of hope and expansion .Hope that there`s more room for industralization for its own enterprises ,latching to participate in events that in 20 years would industrialize Africa.Thirty percent might emigrate to so called golden seven countries that is 375 million in the next twenty years.
The countries known as Botswane,Nambia,Zambia,Zimbabwe,Mozambique,Malawi and Rwanda.

In China opinion these countries are impeccably peacefull ,no crime ,culturally rich,respectfull ,rich in raw materals,no civil wars and has a British colonial background.China admires the British political system more in a way that it does not boil over.To understand this ,the British tend to have a cool approach to its government,society,culture and foreign countries.The US ,Russia,and many countries have would one say that their governments are ingrain in leadership complexities.Being honest it can be stated that forging a celebrety status on one self.Leadership qualities or the lack of it can be seen in the last decade to the US election of 2016.Debates are focussed on annihalating the challenger be it the opposition or a rival of the same party,A foe is a foe and my celebrity status appeals to the old and young leaders alike .

These political leaders  be it from the ruling or opposition has an insiatiable desire to become Statesman .Unfortunately this applies to democratic and autocratic governments.

End of part 1

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