Progressive TSL profiles: Marianne Walcot

This is the second in a series of profiles on Progressive TSL, a series of short interviews that introduce you to some of the people behind Progressive TSL. Marianne is the Founder and COO of Progressive TSL; she talks with us about the company's origins and plans for the future.

  1. When was Progressive TSL founded?
    We started initially with a small team back in 2004 and grew from there. 
  2. What was your experience before you became Progressive TSL's founder?
    I had a great start with Enterprise Oil; I'd worked with them since I was nineteen until they were taken over by Shell in 2002, they were really supportive and championed me during my time there. I'm still in touch with many of my colleagues from my Enterprise days.

  3. Why did you choose to develop Progressive TSL?
    In 2004, a former boss from Enterprise Oil gave me the opportunity as an independent consultant to project manage the implementation of finance software for their North Sea business. Following that success, I set up Progressive TSL - from my experiences working in the industry, I saw the need for a more streamlined solution to their finance, supply chain and asset management needs. I worked to make the whole implementation process more automated and efficient. We soon gained a good reputation in the oil and gas community for our commitment and understanding of the industry, and with that Progressive TSL enjoyed rapid growth. We've now got 30 employees in over three offices, London, Aberdeen and Lagos, and are expanding all the time.  
  4. Why did you choose to specialise in Oil and Gas finance?
    It wasn't initially a conscious decision - I started working in the Finance department at Enterprise after leaving school at 19 and never really looked back.  I've had some great bosses along the way - particularly at Enterprise Oil - who believed in my skills and gave me the confidence to take a leap and start out on my own, shortly after, my husband Chris joined as CEO and from then we have evolved Progressive TSL into a successful business.  

  5. What is your favourite thing about working in Progressive TSL?
    We have some wonderful clients, and the work is always engaging. We are continually looking for ways to improve the business. Whether that's growing our client base, meeting with prospects at conferences or enhancing staff working conditions – we are developing a brand-new workspace (Progressive TSL are moving into a larger London office soon to accommodate their increasing staff numbers.) I'm proud to be a founder of Progressive TSL and what we've achieved. 
  6. Your work takes you all over the world visiting clients. When you have a chance, what do you like to do to relax?
    Well, I've got triplet girls who are now teenagers, so life isn't that relaxing! But I love to practice yoga and mindfulness and generally do things that are good for my wellbeing. Our team is also very social - we are all good friends.  
  7. An interesting fact about you?
    I used to throw discus for the Wiltshire county team!

  8. What's next for Progressive TSL?
    We are looking to build on our current success, which will include strengthening the management team as well as increasing our recognition as the leading consultancy for business systems implementations in small and mid-cap energy companies. We will also need to plan for changes in the energy industry, including diversity into renewables and digital transformation strategies.
    It's a very exciting time for Progressive TSL and technology in energy as a whole.  


Our team are dedicated to ensuring that we offer the best service possible for finance, supply chain and asset management solutions. Contact us to find out more. 

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