Why Oil and Gas companies need to consider an Enterprise Asset Management solution

You may well already be using some form of asset management system, it may work well for you, so why would you need to look at anything else?

At TouchstoneEnergy we firmly believe that in order to have the edge over your competition, you need to be looking forwards as well as back. It is all very well and good looking at the status of what you have now, or what you have had in the past, but what about what is round the corner?

With the right Enterprise Asset Management solution, you can not only keep your assets operating within specifications and reduce energy usage, but vastly increase efficiency and identify problems before they shut down your operations. In short, you can use your EAM system to optimize maintenance and turn it into a competitive advantage. To meet these goals, consider software that has built-in preventive features and alerts; provides checklists and easy-to-use daily scheduling capabilities; gives contractors access to the system through their own portal; can scale as you add users without causing a system crash; and gives you native, platform-agnostic mobile capabilities.

Infor EAM does all this and more, and whilst, as Infor Gold partners you may think we are slightly biased, the same cannot be said for Gartner, who placed Infor EAM as their leading EAM solution in 2018 (for more details, see our blog or you can download a copy of their Magic Quadrant for EAM here). For more information about Infor EAM, come along to our EAM Masterclass where we will have speakers from Infor's EAM team, as well as our own implementation team talking about EAM in action and how it could give your business the competitive advantage.

If after all that, you are still looking to evaluate EAM solutions, download our guide to the questions you need to be asking of suppliers to ensure you don't get caught out by those often overlooked details.

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