Pushing the Boundaries of Decommissioning

By Nicholas Newman www.nicnewmanoxford.com

Today, the energy business is changing how it operates, whether drilling for oil and gas or generating electricity from the wind. This means acting in a sustainable and environmentally-responsible manner by applying corporate social responsibility principles to the planning, funding, and eventual decommissioning of projects. Simply walking away, is no longer an option, and the public and governments expect businesses to plan, implement and fund a complete lifecycle through to decommissioning.

For such firms, this means the planned closing down and making safe oil fields and the removal of wind farms when they come to the end of their operational lifespan. However, decommissioning costs money. For many firms finding such financial resources can prove challenging.

This is where Quatre Ltd founder and CEO Paul Jardine saw an opportunity to meet the challenge of funding of such decommissioning, in solving legal remediation issues and environmental liability challenges that energy firms face in tackling the decommissioning of energy projects.

Quatre Ltd achieves this by taking its corporate social responsibility principles seriously in every aspect of how its operations are managed and the way its financial products are both designed and delivered.

Quatre Ltd corporate social principles include:

·        Acting with respect for people, communities and the environment

·        Acting honestly and openly with all stakeholders, respecting fully the rule of law and human rights

·        Contributing to development goals of the countries where our clients operate

·        Integrating sustainability and CSR into our strategy, planning, implementation and management systems

·        Providing clear public reporting on our management systems and performance

Working with Quatre enables its clients to benefit in meeting their own corporate social responsibility ambitions and contributing to aiding the industry in delivering on its social and sustainability goals.

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