Exclusive Interview With Whiting On Lift Selection, Production Optimization & Cutting-Edge Automation Practices

Exclusive Interview With Whiting Petroleum On Production Optimization, Artificial Lift Selection, Production Automation & More

Ahead of the New Artificial Lift Designs & Production Optimization Technologies Permian Basin Congress 2018, we're giving you exclusive insight on how Whiting Petroleum is addressing and overcoming some of the biggest production challenges right now.

In this week's exclusive interview, Guy Jordan, Petroleum Engineer, Whiting Petroleum, answers these key questions and more.

Download the full interview and uncover answers to these key questions and more - http://www.permian-artificial-lift-production-optimization.com/program/

What do you view as the biggest hurdles that operators are facing right now, holding them back from maximizing recovery - at every stage of the well's life?
What is Whiting's outlook on the future direction for production optimization in your area of operation?
On the question of artificial lift selection, people continue to wonder why some operators use certain philosophies and certain lift designs over others. What are your views on this?
Has/Is Whiting strategizing to take things to the next level and achieve a certain degree of automated control over production equipment and flow rates?

At the conference, Guy will be speaking on an exclusive panel session alongside

Citation Oil & Gas and Harrison-Wright Oil Company, focusing on assessing Permian artificial lift application strategies and production optimization technologies that deliver tangible results outside west Texas Permian.

Download the full interview here - http://www.permian-artificial-lift-production-optimization.com/program/

Visit the conference website here - http://www.permian-artificial-lift-production-optimization.com/

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