Future Directions in Reservoir Modelling

New tools and ‘fit-for-purpose' workflows.

At the Petroleum Geology of North-West Europe conference, AGR's TRACS Training Director, Mark Bentley, together with the co-author of the book "Reservoir Model Design", Phil Ringrose of Statoil, presented a paper.

The conference was arranged by the Geological Society of London under the title "50 Years of Learning – Proceedings of the 8th Petroleum Geology Conference".

The paper discussed reservoir modelling and its tools which can be invaluable for integrating knowledge and for supporting strategic oil field decisions. The pertinent issue is the capability of the modelling toolbox to achieve the required support:

does modelling generate insights into the characterization of the subsurface
does it increase or decrease our working efficiency
does it help or hinder us in decision-making?

In this respect, the authors see two directions emerging in reservoir modelling and simulation.

1. One surrounds software technology development and a move towards a grid-independent world. This is a current research issue but some of the components required to complete a new workflow are already in place and tools for certain specific applications may not be far away.

2. The other involves a change in approach to model design. This involves a move away from big, detailed ‘life-cycle' models to more nimble workflows involving multi-models (either multi-scale or multi-concept) which may or not include full-field modelling exercises. A distinction between ‘resource models' and ‘decision models' helps crystallize this, is a positive step towards achieving ‘fit-for-purpose' models, and is a change of model design strategy which can be achieved immediately.

The paper can be downloaded in full length from the website of the Society.

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