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  • Selection of cable cleats should consider several key factors:Other factors include cable type, ratings, power system design, cable management/containment structure and installation environment – complete ranges of single cable cleats, trefoil cable cleats, quad cleats or bespoke engineered and designed to specific application requirement.
  • The following Video clearly demonstrates Ellis Emperor Cable Cleats clamping single core cables in trefoil arrangement being subjected to a short circuit fault condition with 118kA peak – the slow motion replay highlights the extreme physical force and strength generated by the short circuit as the cable cleats effectively restrain the power cables to the containment.
  • ➡ View below our complete range of Cable Cleats used to clamp and retain low, medium and high voltage cables in the event of a short circuit, including 11kV/33kV MV-HV power cables – single, trefoil, quadrofoil and multiple bundled cable configurations can be cleated using Ellis Patents and Prysmian manufactured cable cleats in a choice of materials including nylon, stainless steel and aluminium.

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