How To Use 3M Cold Shrink Tubes

  • The 3M video shows how to install the cold shrink tubes by unwinding the removable core allowing the tube to shrink and form a tight waterproof seal to prevent water or humidity ingress into the cable.
  • ♦ More Cold Shrink | Cable Caps | Cable Abandonment | Cable Joints LV | Cable Joints Terminations HV 11kV 33kVVIDEO➡ Visit 3M Electrical for further information about joints, terminations, tapes and insulation to seal, repair, splice and connect LV MV HV cables.
  • Cold Shrink | Joint | Terminate | Seal | Repair | Splice | LV MV HV Cables | 3M 3M Electrical Products Stocked By Thorne Derrick International  Further Reading

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