SPE Virtual International Oilfield Scale Conference and Exhibition

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24 Jun 2020

This must-attend event offers a virtual environment hosting a truly inclusive and engaging learning experience. By using the latest technology, SPE will deliver a high-quality peer-reviewed technical programme, while also keeping our community connected during this challenging time.

The new format will provide a series of interactive technical content, collaboration experiences including live speaker Q and A, 1:1 chats and group networking lounges, along with an exhibition and demonstration showcase.

A fresh perspective, first-hand insights and countless connections are just some of the things you will take away with you. Core topics include:

- Innovative Solutions to Scale Control
- Emerging Chemistries and Technologies
- Unconventional Scale and Scale Removal
- Unconventional Production
- Case Histories

The SPE Virtual International Oilfield Scale Conference and Exhibition is a unique learning and networking experience bringing together industry professionals within formation, removal, inhibition, and management of oilfield scale. Join us live from any location globally!

Date and Time: On Wednesday June 24, 2020 at 12:00 pm ends Friday June 26, 2020 at 6:00 pm

Venue details: Virtual, Event, London, EC3N 2LU, United Kingdom

Category: Conferences | Energy and Environment | Oil and Gas | Natural Gas

SPE Member: GBP 200.00,
Non-Member: GBP 250.00,
Student: GBP 125.00

Speakers: Myles Martin Jordan - Nalco Champion, An Ecolab Company, K. Ramstad, K. Sandengen, A.F. Mitchell, E. Moldrheim, Equinor ASA, Marija Kilibarda - Aker BP, Kristian Sandengen - Equinor, W. Wang, W. Wei, C. Yan, Chevron Corporation, V.S. Droppert, Wintershall Norge; S. Hatscher, Wintershall DEA; L. Djayapertapa, LR; M.T. Byrne, Lloyd's Register, A. Rafferty, C. Stewart-Liddon, G.M. Graham, Scaled Solutions Limited; S. Baraka-Lokmane, Total E and P; C. Nwankwo, J. Hitta, Total, N. Goodwin, Scaled Solutions Limited; D.M. Frigo, Plinius Chemical Consulting, T. Algrøy, A.C. Nelson, K.J. Netland, Schlumberger Norge AS; Ø. Sæther, R.I. Johnsen, Equinor, Amy T. Kan - Rice University, Eugenia Marinou - Lloyd's Register, S. Ko, X. Wang, Y. Zhao, C. Dai, Y. Lu, G. Deng, S. Paudyal, S. Mateen, A.T. Kan, M.B. Tomson, Rice University, A.L. Martins, H. Santos, B.B. Castro, Petrobras; J. Loureiro, E. Soares, A. Gonçalves, D. Maffra, UFRJ, C. Dai, S. Paudyal, S. Ko, B. Ouyang, Y. Lu, G. Deng, Y. Zhao, X. Wang, A.T. Kan, M.B. Tomson, Rice University, M.A. Singleton, I. Davis, Heriot-Watt University, L. Edvardsen, S. Wenner, SINTEF Industry; B. Gawel, NTNU; M. Torsæter, SINTEF Industry; A. Lavrov, SINTEF Petroleum Research; K. Gawel, SINTEF Industry, Eyvind Sorhaug - Repsol Exploration, Gill Ross - Chrysaor Limited, M.M. Al Kalbani, Heriot-Watt University; M.M. Jordan, Nalco Champion, An Ecolab Company; E.J. Mackay, K.S. Sorbie, Heriot-Watt University; L.X. Nghiem, Computer Modelling Group Ltd., M. Al Kalbani, H. Al Shabibi, O. Ishkov, D. Silva, E.J. Mackay, Heriot-Watt University; S. Baraka-Lokmane, Total E and P, A. Beteta, K. McIver, O. Vazquez, L.S. Boak, Heriot Watt University; M.M. Jordan, R.A. Shields, Nalco Champion, An Ecolab Company, M.S. Al Bahri, Heriot Watt University; O. Vazquez, Heriot-Watt University; A. Beteta, Heriot Watt Inst Of Petroleum Eng; M. Al Kalbani, Heriot Watt University, S.M. Heath, M. Barber, H. Lu, B. McCabe, Baker Hughes, A. Lu, Rice University; W. Shi, J. Wang, Chevron ETC; R. Venkatesan, Chevron Corporation; S. Paudyal, S. Ko, C. Dai, B. Ouyang, Y. Zhao, X. Wang, S. Matean, A.T. Kan, M.B. Tomson, Rice University, Eric James Mackay - Heriot-Watt University, Alex Thornton - Clariant, S.M. Heath, A.N. Badawy, S. Green, Baker Hughes; S. Toivonen, V. Vuori, B. Peltokoski, S. Puupponen, Kemira, E. Marinou, D. Roberts, Q. Zhao, Lloyd's Register; R. MacDonald, Spirit Energy, S. Murugesan, D. Ahoor, L. Souza, Y. Liu, S.M. Heath, Baker Hughes, M.M. Jordan, Nalco Champion, An Ecolab Company; J. Buckman, Heriot-Watt University, K.A. Swanson, B. Nguyen, P. Guraieb, R. Tomson, Tomson Technologies, Stephan Tobias Hatscher - Wintershall, Ross Andrew McCartney - Oilfield Water Services, J. Digulio, ExxonMobil Cepu Limited; J.J. Wylde, Clariant Oil Services; N. Saubryani, L. Marie, ExxonMobil Cepu Limited; A. Thornton, Clariant Oil Services; B. Kelly, M.A. Gough, Clariant, T.J. Tambach, A. Fadili, Shell Global Solutions International BV; R.D. Gdanski, Shell; N. Kampman, W. Koot, J.R. Snippe, B.H. de Zwart, Shell Global Solutions International BV, M.M. Jordan, Nalco Champion, An Ecolab Company; L. Sutherland, Nalco Champion Ltd, I. Mokogwu, S.C. Wilson, C. Keyes, G.M. Graham, Scaled Solutions Limited, S. Paudyal, S. Matean, C. Dai, S. Ko, G. Deng, Y. Lu, X. Wang, Y. Zhao, B. Ouyang, A.T. Kan, M.B. Tomson, Rice University, Ping Chen - Halliburton, Caroline Simpson - Scaled Solutions, L. Petrozziello, C.W. Kayser, Clariant Products (D) GmbH; C. Okocha, Clariant Oilfield Services; T. Chen, Saudi Aramco PE and D; Q. Wang, Saudi Aramco, Y.K. Alduailej, Saudi Aramco PE and D; K.S. Sorbie, Heriot-Watt University, X. Wang, G. Deng, S. Ko, Y. Zhao, A. Lu, C. Dai, S. Paudyal, B. Ouyang, S. Matean, A.T. Kan, M.B. Tomson, Rice University, N. Bhandari, M. Bhandari, I.J. Littlehales, Nalco Champion, An Ecolab Company, Y.K. Alduailej, Saudi Aramco PE and D; K.S. Sorbie, Heriot-Watt University, Salima Baraka-Lokmane - Total, Stephen Mark Heath - Baker Hughes, G. Ness, Flow Confidimus; K. Sorbie, Heriot-Watt University, A.K. Halvorsen, K.S. Andersen, K. Hauge, Equinor ASA; B. Kaasa, Scale Consult AS, R.A. McCartney, Oilfield Water Services Limited, M.A. Singleton, I. Davis, Heriot-Watt University, V. Azari, O. Vazquez, E.J. Mackay, K. Sorbie, Heriot-Watt University; M.M. Jordan, Nalco Champion, An Ecolab Company

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Date of Event

24 Jun 2020

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