10th Annual Sub-Saharan Africa Oil & Gas Conference, 2017

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05 Jan 2017

The Annual Sub-Saharan Africa Oil & Gas Conference is a unique conference that brings African producers, national oil companies, international oil companies, independents, indigenuous operators, investors, financial institutions, service sector and entire stakeholders together to meet; share knowledge, exchange ideas, gain insight, showcase expertise and enhance business relationship.This upcoming event is no exception and promises more content, unique activities, top rated speakers, and more participation.

The conference in its usual way will continue to showcase the upcoming licensing rounds; farm-in and farm-out deals, investment opportunities in all sectors of the value chain. It will also take existing and new entrants into the region's market on all the legal and fiscal frameworks of doing business successfully in Sub-Sahara Africa, and also its geopolitical landscape.

With more than 30 industry top players and decision makers presenting key papers and participating on panel sessions; more than 80 solid mega, independent, indigenous E & P companies, service and financial organizations expected, and all the major producing nations in the region including the ones that discoveries have recently be made participating in this unique conference, this year's conference presents a dynamic platform for excellence, insights, knowledge sharing and staunch networking.

IF YOU WANT to gain insight and plug into the investment opportunities in Sub-Sahara Africa or solidify your business presence in the region, THIS CONFERENCE IS FOR YOU!

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Date of Event

05 Jan 2017

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