2019 PIDX International US Fall Conference

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23 Oct 2019

The PIDX 2019 US Fall conference is a gathering of Energy industry leaders and technology experts with a strong interest in the rapid development and interoperability of tools and concepts (such as artificial intelligence, robotics automation, industrial IoT) and the development of standards to ensure that data can be rapidly exchanged in a common format.

The technical program will include panelists and speakers as they share real use cases and bring forward knowledge and methods for successful execution of digital automation in the Energy industry.

Digital Automation in Action
October 23-24
Location: HESS Club, 5430 Westheimer Ct, Houston, TX 77056 (General Session); Three Riverway Office (Work Group Sessions)
Online Registration: https://2019pidxfall.eventbrite.com

PIDX 2019 Fall Conference Flyer

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Date of Event

23 Oct 2019

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