Energy from Waste 2019

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03 Dec 2019

SMi's Energy from Waste 2019 conference will bring together international waste management operators, developers, bankers, private equity financiers, technology providers and industrial end users, for two days of interactive networking. They will be discussing developments that are needed in technology, financing and infrastructure to ensure solutions are available to fast track the growth of the industry worldwide.

Drawing critical updates from those shaping the industry, featured speakers for 2019 include:


  • Stuart Hayward-Highman, Technical Development Director, Suez Recycling and Recovery
  • Alban Foster, Infrastructure Sector Leaders – Europe, SLR Consulting


  • Aaron Berry, Deputy Head, Low Carbon Fuels Division, Department for Transport
  • Christophe CORD'HOMME, Development Director, Business and Products for Environment and Renewable Energies, CNIM
  • Dr Isabela Boira-Segarra, Chief Executive Officer, Future Earth Energy
  • Bodo Rohs, Sales Director, Steinmuller Babcock Environment
  • David Cullen, Programme Manager, North London Heat and Power
  • Oliver Gao, Investment Manager, SUS Environment International Co., Ltd
  • Jacob Hayler, Executive Director, Environmental Services Association
  • Michael Ware, Senior, Green Giraffe

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Date of Event

03 Dec 2019

energy from waste